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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Learns About Her Daughter's Fate on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 7, 2022
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Maxie Jones, General Hospital

Kirsten Storms

On today's General Hospital recap: Nina's worried about Sonny, but he tells her he's been taking his medication since she took him to the hospital. Sonny says he was trying to save his marriage, but it's over. Sonny explains how he was waiting for Carly, but she decided not to come. Nina's sorry for Sonny, but he admits he's acted on instinct to protect her.

Sonny says he has feelings for Nina and because of it has lost Carly. Nina says she wished she had done things differently, but admits she fell in love with him. She says she would change things if it would prevent the pain he's feeling now. The two share a kiss.

Maxie and Felicia wait for word on Mac, who's in surgery. Robert worries about Mac and Anna admits things looked bad at the scene, but reassures him not to count Mac out. Anna promises they'll get through this together, but believes Mac will pull through.

Victor meets with a minion and demands answers on Peter's whereabouts. The minion says Peter knocked him out and took off to get the baby.

Dante gets good news that his CT scan is clear, but needs to be kept in hospital overnight for observation. Carly gets word and heads to the hospital to check on him, wondering why Sonny isn't there. Carly leaves a voicemail message for Sonny.

Carly yells at Anna that Jason warned her about Peter. Anna claims she'll stop Peter once and for all. Carly tells Sam about Sonny's grand gesture and how Drew talked her into trying.

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Chase believes Peter grabbed Bailey and puts out an APB on them. Chase calls Dante for help, but Sam doesn't want him to leave the hospital. Dante insists, so Sam accepts it. He calls Olivia to tell her to check on Brook Lynn. Dante tells Anna and the two decide to join forces to find Peter.

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Chase tells Brook Lynn she needs to call Maxie and tell her. Brook Lynn cries that it's all her fault that Peter has Bailey, and Chase does his best to calm her down.

Austin checks in with Maxie, who admits she's terrified about Peter's escape and is thankful Louise is with Brook Lynn and Chase. Brook Lynn calls Maxie and tells her the baby is gone and they're doing everything to find Louise.

Maxie tells Robert and Felicia that Peter has kidnapped Bailey and that she's going to Brook Lynn's. Felicia doesn't understand why, until Maxie tells her that Bailey is really Louise. Austin stays behind to tell Felicia and Robert the whole truth.

Ned shows up for Brook Lynn, but reprimands her for moving out of the mansion and into the beach house with no security. Brook Lynn defends Chase and says they have to focus on finding the baby.

Anna and Dante question Brook Lynn and Chase, wondering why Peter would grab Bailey as Maxie arrives. Maxie tells them the truth about Louise.

Peter chews the scenery while telling BaileyLou that he's not an evil man, but just wants to give her the world. Peter calls Victor for a safe passage out of Port Charles.

Carly gets to The Haunted Star in time to see Sonny and Nina in bed together. 

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