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General Hospital's Sonya Eddy Backs Crowd Funding Initiative to Provide Nursing Scholarships

Sonya Eddy, General Hospital

Sonya Eddy

General Hospital fave Sonya Eddy (Epiphany) is asking fans for help with a worthy cause. Eddy is leading a GoFundMe campaign to provide scholarships to nursing school students. Eddy posted a video on Twitter where she explained how nurses are needed now more than ever due to COVID-19. Donations will go towards The Foundation of the National Student Nurses' Association Inc., to fund scholarships for the nations nurses.

Eddy states in the video:

We are straining our health care workers again. We are putting those at risk whose entire lives are dedicated to protecting ours and, not only is there a nursing shortage but I read this week that the nurses we do have on the front lines are actually being asked to come into work even if they are infected with COVID-19 .

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Eddy explains the goal is to hit $500,000 to send those to school to become nurses to help out with the shortage. The actress said:

We need to create a new foundation of nurses who are going to be the ones who help and heal our kids, our parents, our friends, hell even us.

See the entire video below:

To help out visit the GoFundMe page here.