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Jerusalem Post: Whoopi Goldberg "Dead Wrong About Holocaust, Absolutely Right About Jewish People"


Whoopi Goldberg

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach wrote an opinion piece for The Jerusalem Post about Whoopi Goldberg’s recent statement on The View about the Holocaust. Boteach, an American Orthodox Jewish Rabbi, states that he believes Goldberg was: 

...dead wrong about the Holocaust, but absolutely right about the Jewish people. The Holocaust was all about deadly Race Theory, but Hitler, Germany, and the Nazis do not define the Jewish people. We are not a race, but a family, a nation and faith, comprised of every color, shade and ethnicity under the sun.

Boteach believes suspending Goldberg was a mistake. Rather, 

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[he] would have much preferred The View dedicate a week of segments to Holocaust education in a country where more than 60% of young Americans do not know that six million Jews were slaughtered in the Holocaust and have not heard of Auschwitz.

Goldberg was recently suspended for two weeks from The View for her comments that the Holocaust was not about race. Check out the article linked above to read Boteach’s other comments about Goldberg’s situation, the Holocaust, and forgiveness.