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Will Sherri Shepherd Be Named Permanent Guest Host of The Wendy Williams Show?

Sherri Shepherd, Sherri

Sherri Shepherd is set to be named the  "permanent guest host" of The Wendy Williams Show, according to TMZ. Frequently standing in for Wendy Williams in recent months, Shepherd also brought the chatfest to season-high ratings last fall.

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Multiple insiders told TMZ that Shepherd will step into the role starting this September. They anticipated the deal will be finalized soon, saying it is "almost locked."

The site explained that the talk show's producers will monitor Williams' progress between now and September. If Williams gets better, the door is open for her to come back. If she is not able to come back, however, then the show's name could be changed as soon as September, when the show  would kick off its fifteenth season. Sources informed TMZ that FOX Station Group, which carries The Wendy Williams Show on its owned and operated stations, is "on board" with this.