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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Brooke Wants to Beat Taylor and Steffy to The Punch

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for February 8, 2022
Brooke Logan Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful

Katherine Kelly Lang

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Malibu: Steffy and Finn are making out, and Steffy interrupts the sweet moment by bringing up Brooke and Deacon...not to mention how ICKY it was for Deacon to lay it down in her daddy's bed. Taylor comes in and admits she's been stroking that thought all night long. 

Steffy is filling Finn on all the family deets and mentions how Brooke tried to silence Douglas. Well, now Taylor is really concerned. The Steffy and Taylor Show is dancing a jig for a Forrester reunion...because that's the right thing for daddy Ridge. Taylor wonders if the video is legit, but after watching again, she and Steffy decide that Ridge needs to know the truth.

Taylor waxes poetic about how she thought she and Brooke could have put the past behind them, but NOPE, Brooke's all about infidelity and lies. Steffy says Ridge needs to know and Taylor volunteers because she thinks Ridge needs to hear it from her ( he doesn't).

Brooke's: Ridge is coming downstairs, worried about Brooke. She claims she's fine. He tells her she made a mistake and she can move forward. Hope sneaks in the sliding glass door from the Back Shack and Ridge asks her to help her mama. He sees her as a strong and amazing woman and wants her to see the same...she's surrounded by love. Ridge takes his leave.

Brooke and Hope are in shreds about this secret. She confides in Hope she has to tell Ridge the truth. Hope supports telling the truth because that's the kind of gal she is. Brooke texts Ridge that she needs to talk to him when he comes home. 

Sheila's hotel room: Deacon stops over and Sheila's happy to see him, but only because she wants the latest tea. Deacon is fed up with Ridge's abuse, but Sheila tells him why he needs to stick around. 

Amazingly, Sheila thinks he's way better at the manipulation game than she is. Sheila just can't get to Finn. Deacon tells her to hang in there. Sheila wonders if Deacon should take his intel to Ridge, but Deacon doesn't want it to go down that way.

The Final Yards:

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-Steffy waltzes into Brooke's house unannounced, taunting her, but not being clear about why she sounds insulting. Brooke gets heated and wants to know why she's really there.

-Ridge pops into Steffy's (too bad they missed each other on the road). He's there because Taylor's message seemed so urgent (was it?). She lets Ridge know that his loyalty in Brooke is misplaced. Taylor wants to fill Ridge on what ha-happened on New Year's Eve.

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Random Thoughts:

-Ridge expressed a lot about mistakes and how people aren't perfect, but just wait Ridge, just wait.

-Sheila ain't know way, no how, and has never been less manipulative than Deacon.

-Yes Brooke...Ridge needs to know before someone else blows your world apart.

-Clearly Steffy forgot how abusive Thomas was to Douglas.

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