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General Hospital Scribes Tease Victor's Plots: "He’s Maneuvering All of The Chess Pieces"

Charles Shaughnessy, General Hospital

General Hospital co-head writers Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor have big plans for Victor (Charles Shaughnessy). They previewed to what the dastardly Cassadine has in store for Port Charles.

Van Etten explained:

He definitely has a long-term plan. He’s maneuvering all of the chess pieces on the board to assure his victory.

Charles Shaughnessy, James Patrick Stuart, General Hospital

Charles Shaughnessy, James Patrick Stuart

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O'Connor noted that Victor is setting himself up to be the next head of the Cassadine clan. He explained:

Victor is presenting himself as a potential patriarch figure for the Cassadine family, which is something that hasn’t been present on the canvas in a very long time. And that worries Laura [Genie Francis], because she can already sense that there may be an upcoming battle for the souls of her nearest and dearest, particularly her son, Nikolas [Marcus Coloma], and grandson, Spencer [Nicholas Chavez].

Marcus Coloma, Nicholas Chavez, General Hospital

Marcus Coloma, Nicholas Chavez

Victor evenhas plans for Spencer's girlfriend Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl). O'Connor said:

While Victor will always prioritize Cassadines over non-Cassadines, Esme has an opportunity to prove herself and to position herself to be a member of that family. But that would require her to stay on Spencer’s good side, and keep him from following his heart with Trina [Sydney Mikayla].

What is Victor really up to? Keep tuning in to GH to find out!