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Perkie's Observations: Carly Catches Sonny in Bed With Nina on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 8, 2022
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Ned thinks Maxie's losing her mind by thinking Bailey is Louise, but Brook Lynn steps in and tells the truth. Ned's in denial, but Maxie explains everything. Brook Lynn apologizes, but Maxie doesn't blame her. Maxie is desperate to find Peter, but Dante and Anna say they have to do everything by the book. Dante tells Anna that Peter recently found out about the baby and they need to find out who helped him figure it out.

Ned tells Brook Lynn that with Peter on the loose, there could be repercussions for her and everyone who helped Maxie. He realizes there never was a Bailey. Brook Lynn admits she was never pregnant, but swears she didn't do it for the shares. She apologizes for failing him. Ned says he fell in love with a granddaughter he never had. He admits he's disappointed, but also very proud of Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn tearfully tells Ned that if something happens to Louise, she'll kill Peter.

Felicia sits with Mac in recovery. We get flashbacks of a super young Felicia and Mac with wacky hair. Laura shows up to be a shoulder for Robert, and Laura tells him about the kidnapping. He tells Laura that Bailey is Louise.

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Peter promises to give Victor the key to unlocking Drew in exchange for safe passage. Peter says he'll tell Robert all that he knows about Victor's desire for Drew, so Victor agrees to help. Victor tells his minion that Peter is no longer of use to him.

Sonny tries to defend his actions, claiming he had no idea Carly would show up. She tells him about Peter's escape before storming out. Carly finds the wedding bands and has a flashback from before their first wedding (good lord Laura Wright looked so young).

Sonny follows Carly and the two argue. Sonny throws how she wanted to sleep with Jason up in her face. Carly accuses him of never holding Nina accountable. Sonny says Carly is pining over Jason's ghost. Carly says they're over and it's on him.

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Sonny says he's been working to make their marriage work and claims sleeping with Nina was a mistake. Carly asks about his feelings for Nina and he says it will take time to get over them. Sonny continues to insist that he wants Carly, but she says he wants them both and can't have them both. Carly says she's making the choice for him and choosing herself. Sonny dumps the rings in the water.

Drew runs into Sam. He tells her that he's going after Peter and promises to be careful for Scout's sake. Drew talks about his time in captivity and how all he wanted was to get back to his family, which includes Sam.

Nina runs into them. Sam updates her and admits she loves Dante. Things get a little awkward between Sam and Drew.

Charlotte's staying with step grandpa Kevin and worries why she hasn't heard from her father. Kevin needs to head out, but allows Charlotte to stay home by herself. Charlotte calls Nina to see if she's heard from Valentin. Peter shows up and grabs Charlotte. (I called that moments before it happened. Ima smarty pants!! Though it took me a minute to remember that Charlotte is Victor's granddaughter, which is why Peter grabbed her. OG Charlotte would have kicked Peter in the family jewels. New Charlotte is too sweet.)

Maxie sits with Felicia and talks to Mac, convincing him to return to them. Mac wakes up and opens his eyes.

Anna and Laura tell Dante that Victor is likely the one who helped Peter.

Peter meets with Victor who plans on killing him, but Peter says Charlotte will die if he does.

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