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Perkie's Observations: Peter Wants Maxie to Leave The Country With Him and Louise on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 9, 2022
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Peter August, General Hospital

Wes Ramsey

On today's General Hospital recap: Kevin tells Laura he can't get a hold of Charlotte and feels guilty for leaving her alone at home. Laura says she's 13 and they've left her home alone before. (Say what with the who now? They aged her from 9 to 13 in one swoop? And for what? Eeesh). Laura calls Esme, who tells her that Charlotte isn't there.

Peter says he knew Victor would double cross him and needed insurance. Victor insists on getting Charlotte back immediately. Peter wants safe passage in exchange for Charlotte's release.

Carly runs into Drew and tells him about finding Sonny in bed with Nina. Drew feels badly for encouraging Carly to go to Sonny. Carly can't believe she got played and that Nina and Sonny are villains. Drew says maybe Sonny thought the marriage was over because Carly didn't show up. Carly says she thought eventually they would get past their problems, but now the marriage is over. Carly says Sonny threw Jason in her face and admits they were in love.

Drew tells Carly about how he survived being held captive by thinking of Scout. He admits he thought he had a chance with Sam with Jason gone. Drew says he now knows Sam's heart is with someone else. The two agree they should live in the moment and Drew leans in for a kiss, but Carly stops it and says they can't because she needs his friendship.

Dante, Anna and, Laura discuss the possibility that Victor helped Peter escape. Anna wonders how Victor would have found out the truth about Bailey.

Sonny finds Sam, who explains that Peter escaped and Dante was hit, but is fine. They run into Anna and Dante, who reassures his father that he's okay. Anna brings up Peter grabbing Bailey and Nina realizes that Peter knows the truth about the baby. Nina's upset that her secret keeping has been for nothing.

Anna questions Nina, who says Maxie thought the more people who knew about Louise, the better the chances it would get back to Peter. Anna asks if Nina has spoken to Valentin recently, but she hasn't.

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Nina finds Sonny in the chapel. He asks and she admits to knowing the truth about Louise. Sonny figures out that she let Peter blackmail her in Nixon Falls to distract him. Sonny says what happened in Nixon Falls is not in the past, no matter how much he wanted to deny it.

Dante apologizes to Sam about his issues with Drew, but she says she'll always care about him because of Scout. Sam admits her future is with Dante and she loves him. Dante returns the feeling.

Austin reassures Maxie, before being joined by Liesl and Britt. Maxie explains everything to them and says the fewer people who knew, the better. Britt wonders how Peter found out and Liesl points the finger at Victor. Austin explains about the sonogram that Victor had and how it was possible he led Victor to Louise.

Someone finds Valentin in a dumpster and he has her call Anna. Valentin is taken to the hospital, where Anna sees that he's delirious and confused. She asks for tox screen, which comes back negative for alcohol. Valentin tells her that Bailey is in danger because she's really Louise.

Laura and Kevin let them know that something's happened to Charlotte. Valentin realizes that Peter grabbed her as Anna makes a phone call. Charlotte suddenly comes running in telling them she was locked in a warehouse and Victor saved her.

Peter calls Maxie and she demands to know where the baby is. Peter says the baby is safe and tells Maxie to come to Pier 55. He warns her to come alone and he'll vanish if he thinks she'll betray him. Peter tells her to leave her phone behind.

Maxie angrily says she trusted Austin and because of his petty revenge on Brook Lynn, her daughter is in danger. Maxie takes off and Liesl chastises Austin. She adds that he will answer to he when this is over.

Peter tells Maxie that he's leaving the country with Louise and she can either say goodbye or go with them. (Here's where I want Maxie to have learned something from the past year and either have a whole posse of cops waiting in the wings to nab Peter, but I'm sure what will really happen is that Maxie will stupidly go with him.)

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