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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Taylor Informs Ridge About Brooke and Deacon’s Vodka-Soaked Liplock

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for February 9, 2022
Taylor Hayes, The Bold and the Beautiful

Krista Allen

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

TRidge Over Troubled Waters: Taylor wishes she didn’t have to tell Ridge about New Year’s Eve. Ridge is already growling. He doesn’t understand! Taylor doesn’t understand how Brooke continues to hurt such a poor, innocent soul such as him. Really?

Taylor goes on to say she can’t turn a blind eye to what Brooke did. Ridge says he knows she drank on New Year’s Eve. Taylor had no idea that she drank, but it might explain what else happened.

Ridge thinks he has revealed Brooke’s secret to Taylor without realizing that’s not what she was talking about. Taylor is, once again, amazed at how strong their marriage is WITH ALL THE UNFORGIVABLE THINGS BROOKE HAS DONE TO HIM?!?!? She thinks there must be a limit to what he can take.

Ridge is losing his patience with Taylor. She continues to beat around the bush by bringing up how Brooke betrayed him with Bill Spencer. Also, she didn’t just drink on New Year’s Eve...she wasn’t alone. Brooke was with another man you despise - Deacon.   

Hell Hath No Fury: Brooke and Steffy are getting into it. Brooke knows Steffy never wanted her married to her father. Steffy is poking the bear by saying Brooke is being defensive and questioning her commitment to Ridge. Brooke says Ridge made his choice a long time ago and they always find their way back to each other. Steffy wants to know why Ridge continues to deal with Brooke and Hope’s foolishness. She goes on to wonder how Brooke allows Deacon around as it should serve as a reminder for what she did to Bridget.  

Sheila Probes Deacon: Deacon is nervous and Sheila kicks him while he is down. She grins giddily and wonders what actually happened between him and Brooke. Sheila thinks more happened between him and Brooke besides alcohol. Deacon wants Sheila to stop fishing for information. She would be the last person he would confide in. With that, Deacon exits and Sheila smiles with glee. 

Sheila remains in the hotel alone and talks to herself. If Deacon won’t tell her what happened, she’ll find out some other way…and bury Brooke Logan once and for all. 

Hope Has Very Little Hope: Liam returned home upon Hope’s call. He wonders if Deacon is about to go back on his word and tattle on Brooke to Ridge. Hope assures him that Deacon is staying quiet…not that it matters now. Brooke is about to tell Ridge the truth and nothing but the truth.

Liam tries to comfort Hope by saying that Brooke and Ridge’s marriage could likely survive. Hope thinks it could, but is concerned by the reemergence of Taylor, added onto Steffy’s newly rebooted vendetta. Liam begins to babble words of comfort when Deacon arrives. Hope tells him Brooke is going to tell Ridge the truth. 

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Random Thoughts:

-Krista Allen and her cute haircut are KILLING IT as Taylor. 

-Ridge and Taylor have chemistry. 

-Glass houses Taylor… glass houses.

-Why is everyone painting Ridge as Brooke’s victim?

-Steffy has become insufferable. 

-It was a good idea to show the impending reveal from four different angles. 

-Please give Sheila something else to do besides sit in that hotel room and repeat over and over again how she’s taking Brooke down. 

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU!

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