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The Young and the Restless Recap: Ashland Schools Adam About His New Role at Newman-Locke

The Young and the Restless Recap for February 9, 2022
Ashland Locke, Adam Newman, The Young and the Restless

Robert Newman, Mark Grossman

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Society: Nikki wants to know about staffing plans for Newman Media. Victoria tells her she will talk to Ashland about it. Nikki hopes things will work out with Adam.

Lily spots Nikki. She wants to talk about Katherine and how she ran her business. Lily wants to use her as a template. Nikki assures her she will be just fine and to trust Jill's judgement (Nikki choked on that).

Crimson Lights: Sally congratulates Billy on his new job, but hasn't really forgotten what she did to him. She tells Billy she's going to be a COO and teases him they have the same job. 

Billy thinks she got the job because she'll do anything he wants, including slander. Sally reminds him he tried to trick them into printing a false story and tells him he can't play the victim card. Billy warns her not to get comfortable with Adam.

Newman-Locke: Adam visits Ashland and he lays it down that he and Victoria will be calling the shots and if he doesn't like it, he should move on. Adam questions whether Ashland is an equal to Victoria or her advisor. Adam's confused about why Ashland has soured on their working relationship and vows to make it work...enter Victoria. Adam announces he hired Sally as COO, much to their chagrin. Adam leaves.

Victoria points out to Ashland that Sally is both an opportunist and reckless. She predicts Sally could work in their favor. When Ashland brushes off his conversation with Adam, Victoria looks concerned. Just then, Victor calls Ashland. 

Newman Ranch: After Ashland summons Victor, Nikki comes home. They chit-chat about Lily as CEO, but Victor questions her judgement since she's involved with Billy Boy in the first place.

Victor swears Nikki to secrecy to Victoria about his suspicions about Ashland and his connection to the clinic in Peru. Nikki leaves when Nikki comes in. Victor wants to talk about his treatment. Ashland tells Victor why he was inspired and wanted to help when they needed funding. Ashland admits he had to get creative with accounting to keep it all legal. Ashland says he didn't tell Victoria because he jumped to the head of the treatment line, which isn't ethical.

Nikki comes back and Victor confesses that something's off because Ashland had a clear and polished answer for everything.

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Billy and Lily's apartment: Lily is still stewing about that one person who is leaving the company for greener pastures Billy assures her it's not personal. Lily thinks if Billy can't sleep, there's something clearly going on. (Where? Did I miss it?)

Back at Society: Ashland comes in and orders a drink. He gets a phone call that an American is asking questions about him in Peru. Ashland tells the person to stick to the plan because it doesn't change anything.

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Random Thoughts:

-Billy clearly sounds jealous that Sally got a COO job and I love that she called him out on his BS...repeatedly.

-Ashland was engaging everywhere. Is it because of my beloved Robert Newman?

-Lily and Nikki talking about Katherine was appropriate and dare I say...meaningful.

-Victor keeping it real about Lily's skills, but questioning her judgment because of Billy Boy.

-Billy can't sleep because he's getting old. Trust and believe mama.

-Wait...was that drama today? Or am I just thirsty?

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU!

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