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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Ridge Asks Brooke if She's Having an Affair With Deacon

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for February 10, 2020
Ridge Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful

Thorsten Kaye

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Brooke's: Apparently, Steffy has been waiting for this moment her entire life (!!!???) and wants her father to finally have the respect he deserves. (Honestly, I'd be calling security). Steffy throws Deacon in her face, but doesn't exactly say why. Brooke's finally had enough and tries to boot her out before Ridge comes home.

Malibu: Ridge doesn't get why Taylor's making waves in his idyllic relationship. Ridge thinks he's got the deets, but Taylor tells him he's wrong and Brooke betrayed him with Deacon. Taylor tells Ridge how Douglas saw Brooke and Deacon kiss, but Ridge isn't certain Douglas saw what he saw. Taylor explains about the security footage, and accuses Brooke and Deacon of spending the night together. Ridge gets angry at Taylor's accusations and says Brooke would never betray him like that, and then leaves.

Steffy returns from Brooke's wondering where daddy is. Didn't mommy tell him what happened? Taylor explains that Ridge wasn't exactly receptive to the news as gospel. Taylor actually admits to Steffy that Deacon's presence doesn't mean anything actually happened.

The Back Shack: Liam and Hope tell Deacon that Brooke will tell Ridge the truth. Deacon is worried about how Ridge will react, but Hope tells him the guilt is eating her up inside. Liam wonders if Deacon secretly wants Brooke's marriage to implode. Deacon says he supports Brooke's decision, but Liam thinks he should stay out of it.

Hope defends Deacon's motivations. If he wanted to break up Brooke's marriage, he could have, but he kept quiet because Brooke wanted him to. Deacon worries that Brooke is walking in to a buzzsaw.

Back at Brooke's: Ridge comes home looking all stone-faced. Brooke needs to tell him something she should have told him a long time ago. Brooke slowly lays the groundwork that more happened on New Year's Eve than just drinking. She explains how Deacon left his phone and returned, and she was disappointed Ridge couldn't be at home with her.

Brooke claims she's not sure how these events unfolded, but she did kiss Deacon. Ridge says he already knows because Taylor told him. Ridge needs an explanation, not about the drinking, but about Deacon. Ridge asks a confused Brooke if she's having an affair.

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Random Thoughts:

-I can't stomach Steffy...even worse, Brooke let her keep talking, way too long. Although, this would have worked WAY better if they had been rivals all along...not just recently.

-If Deacon is an alcoholic...why didn't he relapse as well? Hmm.

-Team Hope for stifling Liam...didn't he bang Steffy when he was drunk...and thought he sired another child? Brooke only kissed.

-TK's longer hair's looking good...really good.

-KA is really settling in for me. She's juggling storylines that have decades of history really well.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU!

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