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Perkie's Observations: Laura and Anna Try to Connect Victor to Charlotte on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 10, 2022
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Anna Devane, Laura Spencer, General Hospital

Genie Francis, Finola Hughes

On today's General Hospital recap: Peter demands to know if Maxie will be joining him in their new home. He tells her to make a decision as a boat arrives. Peter says he wants them to be a family, but Maxie is hesitant. Peter takes the baby and starts to walk away. Maxie tries to convince him that she'll go with him, but wants him to leave the baby behind.

Maxie says they'll constantly be on the run and doesn't want that for the child he claims to love. Maxie says Louise would grow up like Peter did or she could stay behind and be cared for. Peter refuses to leave his daughter. Maxie continues to try to convince Peter they can start over, just the two of them. Peter doesn't believe she'd be willing to go with him, but Maxie says they can be connected and have a second chance. Maxie wants to call Brook Lynn to come and get the baby, but Peter refuses.

Peter takes them to the firehouse and wants to leave Louise behind, but Maxie can't do it. Peter figures Maxie was lying about leaving town with him to start a new life. Maxie places the baby inside the safety room.

Brook Lynn continues to blame herself and Chase tries to reassure her. Liz and Finn show up to offer support, confused as to why Peter would take Bailey. Brook Lynn tells the truth about Louise.

Finn asks if Valentin knew the truth and explains how he was found passed out in a dumpster. Brook Lynn decides she needs to speak to Valentin and heads out. Chase gets upset that he wasn't able to protect Bailey from Peter. Finn complains about the evil that is Peter and tells Chase not to blame himself.

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Charlotte tells them that Peter grabbed her and blindfolded her. Charlotte says Peter stashed her in a warehouse and Victor got her out. Valentin thanks his father for being a hero, but Anna wonders how Victor knew where to find Charlotte. Victor refuses to say and Anna takes Charlotte out.

Valentin wants to know why Peter would have grabbed Charlotte and how Victor found her so quickly. Victor tries to blow him off, but Valentin pushes, asking if Victor was responsible for leaving him in the dumpster. Victor denies it, but Valentin says he knows Peter has something that Victor wants. Valentin asks if Victor found out Bailey was Louise. Victor denies that as well. Valentin believes Victor was able to find Charlotte because he made a deal with Peter.

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Austin checks in with Laura and tells her that he feels responsible for Peter grabbing Louise. Austin explains about the sonogram, and Victor and Laura figures Victor did it to get something from Peter.

Austin talks to Laura about Maxie and how she's upset with him. He says he hasn't been able to reach her so Laura gives him Spinelli's contact info. Austin calls Spinelli and asks for his help with finding Maxie. Austin gets the location of Maxie's car and tells Spinelli to call the police to meet him there.

Brook Lynn shows up at the hospital and apologizes to Valentin for lying about being pregnant. Valentin says it was a smart move and she protected the baby.

Laura and Anna go over the events and how Victor managed to find Charlotte. Victor's sniffing around as Laura gets a text, which she privately shows Anna, who heads out. Anna calls Chase for help and he heads out.

Laura tells Victor that if she can prove he aided and abetted in Peter's escape, he'll share Peter's fate.

Anna tells Chase the call Laura got was from the firehouse, and she needs him to identify Louise. The fireman hands them the baby, but Chase wonders why Peter would have given up the baby. Anna figures Maxie made the ultimate sacrifice to protect Louise. Anna finds Maxie's earring in the car seat, left behind as a clue. Anna wonders where Maxie and Peter went.

Austin gets to the pier as the boat is leaving. He calls 911 to send the police and the Coast Guard.

Peter and Maxie are driving away and not on the ship. 

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