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The Young and the Restless Recap: Chelsea Takes Rey on a Stroll Down Memory Lane

The Young and the Restless Recap for February 10, 2022
Chelsea Lawson Newman, The Young and the Restless

Melissa Claire Egan

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Yada Yada Yada: Lily is SO exhausted, but Billy is still a wee wired. Apparently, we are still focused on the spellbinding story of Billy’s sleeplessness. Billy uses to find the solution for his sleepless nights. Billy decides to defy and pour a drink. He decides he will take his freshly poured drink and meditate. He grabs his digital recorder and drones on incessantly about the tragedy of his life, how he should be happy, but is clearly disturbed because he hasn’t slept for a few days, yada yada, yada. At some point, Lily walks down and overhears him. He gives her the recorder so she can LISTEN TO HIS RAMBLINGS and gain perspective. Run, Lily, run!

Parenting Woes: Abby and Chance are discussing Dominic’s unknown illness. Abby thinks the wait is excruciating. OMG, Abby’s response is also excruciating. Chance tries to calm Abby’s fears by asking her not to dwell on the worst case scenarios. He’s trying to be as patient with her as she has been with him.

As she heads upstairs, Chance calls Rey about bailing on his first day. Rey says they are still doing surveillance on a series of robberies. Chance wants to join in as a distraction. Chance visits with the wee baby Dominic before he heads out to meet Rey for a stakeout. He thinks he needs a sense of purpose so he can be a good father.

Three way Stroll: Chelsea is in bed, apparently suffering from Billy syndrome, as she is wide awake and distracted by memories of Adam and what might be with Sally. Chelsea shows up at Crimson Lights. Sharon's gone, but Rey's there and awaiting his stakeout partner. (How early did Chelsea go to bed?)

Chelsea remembers a time when Anita included her in all of her con-artist stakeouts. Rey also recounts memories of his screwed up childhood. Chelsea said that getting pregnant with Johnny was her turning point. (When was the last time Chelsea actually encountered Johnny?) Chelsea continues to walk Rey down a Memory Lane filled with con jobs when Chance arrives. He would like to join their stroll. After a while, Rey and Chance head to their stakeout to try and catch a serial burglar. Chelsea heads home and dreams of…Rey.

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Random Thoughts

-Billy is insufferable.

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-Are we headed towards yet another self-indulgent Billy-focused episode?

-Abby is insufferable.

-Where is Nina?

-Does Crimson Lights stay open REALLY late or did Chelsea try to go to bed REALLY early?

-Does Rey remember that Chelsea arose from her wheelchair to almost kill him?

-Chelsea and Rey have intriguing chemistry. 

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU!

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