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Perkie's Observations: Ava's Thrilled That Nina Snatched a Piece of Sonny on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 11, 2022
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Ava Jerome, General Hospital

Maura West

On today's General Hospital recap: It's Valentine's Day Part One...

Liz updates Finn the authorities didn't find Peter and Maxie on any ship leaving town yesterday. Liz is in a funk and Finn points out that Valentine's Day is her anniversary with Franco.

Amy and Chet are allowed out of the unused closet to let everyone know about a clothing drive for veterans. They ask Finn about his relationship with Liz, but Finn denies it.

Terry tells Liz she has a date from the online dating app. Liz is thrilled and certain things will be great. Liz has a box of clothes for the veteran's drive, but is surprised when Terry pulls out her wedding dress and finds it in tatters. Liz is shocked, especially since it's her and Franco's anniversary. Terry's concerned, but Liz backpedals and claims it must have been done by the dry cleaner.

Finn tells Liz they can do their own thing since he knows she's upset about her anniversary. Liz however, wants them to get together for a quiet Valentine's Day together.

Terry's waiting for her blind date at Charlie's when Chet arrives.

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Portia tells Taggert about Trina's trip to the cabin and how she's not communicating with her mother. Trina shows up and isn't happy with her parents' questions about the cabin. Portia believes Esme is threatened by Trina.

Nina stops by Wyndemere to talk to Ava. She updates her on Maxie leaving the baby behind and allowing herself to be taken by Peter. Ava asks about Sonny, so Nina tells her about Carly catching them in bed together. Ava's absolutely giddy with excitement. (I love Maura West!!).

Nina says Sonny thought his marriage was over and doesn't like seeing him upset. She says they have real feelings and couldn't deny them anymore. Nina feels she has to think about what's best for Sonny. Ava says if she gives them time, Carly and Sonny will find their way back to each other. Nina says she doesn't want to take advantage of his pain, but Ava tells her to be someone he can count on.

Sam tells Carly that Dante is searching for Maxie, then asks about Sonny. Carly tells her about walking in on Sonny and Nina having sex. Carly says she's calling a divorce attorney and Sam wonders if that's the right move. Sam tells her to take a minute before setting things into motion she can't take back. Carly feels like she needs to move forward. Sam tells her to weigh all her options.

Sonny and Phyllis talk about Lenny and how they miss him. Phyllis asks about Carly and Sonny says they're miles apart. Sonny admits he has feelings for Nina that he can't shake and his marriage is over. Phyllis disagrees saying he hasn't done everything to save it. Phyllis tells him not to give up on his marriage, but to work on it. Sonny gets a text that Carly is meeting with a divorce lawyer.

Sonny gets upset, but Phyllis tells him not to write Carly or his marriage off just yet. Sonny says Carly is calling the shots and he's not having it. Phyllis warns him to see how things go.

Nina shows up at Charlie's where she and Sonny make eyes at each other
To be continued...

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