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Perkie's Observations: Kevin Pulls The Plug on Esme's Visits to Ryan on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 14, 2022
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Kevin Collins, General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom

On today's General Hospital recap: Valentine's Day Part 2...

At the Savoy, TJ and Molly are out celebrating their first anniversary of domesticity. He gets a call from Jordan that she's improving and should be coming home soon.

Felix and Carly get caught up and he invites her out to The Savoy. Brad and Britt hang out, drinking and gossiping. Felix calls out Brad, who says he's sorry that he hurt Lucas. Felix tells him to do good now that he's out. Carly and Britt commiserate about their sad lot in life, then argue about their respective dysfunctions, and then decide to get drunk.

Laura and Kevin complain about Esme and how she doesn't follow the house rules. Kevin defends Esme saying she feels abandoned with Spencer at Spring Ridge. Laura believes Esme's a brat and Kevin offers to talk to her.

Esme pays Spencer a visit at Spring Ridge. She gives him a sexy photo of herself to keep him company. Esme promises she'll always be there for him, unlike his other friends. Spencer asks Esme to get his things that were left behind at the cabin.

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Esme asks one of the workers if she can see Ryan before she leaves, but he says her access has been restricted. Kevin arrives in time to tell her that he's the one preventing her from seeing his brother. Esme believes Kevin has lost objectivity in Ryan's case and when Spencer interrupts, Kevin puts Esme on the spot about her need to see his brother. Spencer doesn't understand why she'd want to hang out with Ryan. Esme says she's observing Ryan for her class, but Kevin won't allow it. Esme gets angry and storms out.

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Terry believes Chet is her date since he's wearing a teal shirt. She's surprised when her real date shows up. Chet sits at the bar and listens in as Terry's date drones on about nonsense that insults her science background. Chet comes to Terry's aid and her date leaves. The two enjoy themselves together.

Ava tells Nikolas the Corinthi marriage is imploding and how it could mean Avery possibly coming home for good. Nikolas questions Ava's giddiness, but she says she's put up with a lot from the Corinthi and now it's her time. The two declare their love for each other.

Nina runs into Sonny at Charlie's and wonders if things are being worked out with Carly. Sonny says Carly is divorcing him. He asks for her opinion, but Nina says she can't be objective. Nina apologizes for the part she played, but not them sleeping together. Sonny says he regrets that things have come to this and Carly wants to end things so quickly. Nina claims she wants the best for him.

Laura calls Trina. She asks her to come over to give her a gift from Spencer, which turns out to be a book from someone Trina admires. Trina talks about the things Spencer will need for his comfort and Laura is surprised at how much the two have in common. Esme arrives in time to hear Laura sing Trina's praises. Esme tells Laura that Spencer needs a few things and he'll have to pick them up in the morning, as she flashes back to leaving the phone at the cabin. 

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