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WATCH: General Hospital's Leslie Charleson Shares Her State of Mind With Maurice Benard (VIDEO)

Leslie Charleson, Maurice Benard, General Hospital

This week on his YouTube series State of Mind, General Hospital's Maurice Benard (Sonny) chatted with co-star Leslie Charleson (Monica). Charleson reflected on her life and acting career in her discussion with Benard.

Charleson was raised by her grandparents. What was that like? She explained:

Wonderful, wonderful. Mostly because my mom really had no interest in raising a child and my grandmother was delighted to have me around and my mom was also acting. She was doing summer stock and regional theater and whatever she could do, and so she was away and I had my grandparents, which I really think that every kid should have that opportunity.

Charleson also delved into her own family's mental health history, explaining her sister was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and died by suicide in 1996. She added:

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I haven't talked about it much. It was a tough time because we didn't really know what it was about at all. In fact, at one point, I had bailed her out of jail. I had checked her into St. John's. I had reluctantly done a lot of things and she made me mad, too. She would call all the time and just keep calling; when we were both together, she would come into my bedroom and just talk. It'd be three o'clock in the morning.

The actress remembered a final voicemail from her sister, stating:

And something in her tone, she just said she was so tired and to take care of her cats and it wasn’t my fault.

Watch Charleson share more memories by watching the full episode below.