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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Deacon and Ridge Brawl Over a New Year's Kiss With Brooke

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for February 14, 2020
Deacon Sharpe, The Bold and the Beautiful

Sean Kanan

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Brooke's: Taylor says to Brooke she knows about her and Deacon. Taylor claims she's concerned, but Brooke doesn't think so. Brooke wanted to be the one to tell Ridge, but tells Taylor she beat her to it.

Brooke tells Taylor it was just a kiss and it's between her and Ridge. She doesn't need Taylor's input. Taylor tries to outline a theme of Brooke's life, but Brooke doesn't want to be psychoanalyzed. Brooke admits she doesn't know what happened that night. Taylor accuses Brooke of taking that first drink to have an excuse to cheat.

The back room: Ridge tells Deacon to get up. Deacon tells Ridge he will never lay a hand on him ever again. Ridge declares that he violated his wife, their home, and their bed. Deacon tells Ridge they shared one kiss and that's all. Deacon explains how he left and when he returned, Brooke was already drinking. Ridge wants to know what led up to the kiss. Deacon tells him what happened, but Ridge thinks Deacon took advantage of her (sound familiar?).

Deacon tells Ridge he's held off on fighting back because of Brooke and Hope. He tells Ridge to leave or make a move. Ridge makes a move and the two men get into a fight. Brooke calls out and catches Ridge throwing glass at Deacon, who is now on the ground. Brooke screams at Ridge that it was her and Deacon didn't do anything. Ridge yells many times..."He didn't do a thing?"

Forrester Creations: Hope is distracted by her mother's desire to tell the truth. Steffy comes in and wonders why Hope seems preoccupied. Steffy tells Hope that her mother's dirty little secret is no longer a secret. Hope learns that Steffy means the whole truth.

Hope reminds Steffy that she's not in a position to be judgmental since she herself has made mistakes. Steffy tells Hope she thinks her father is done with Brooke for good. Steffy and Hope go back and forth about their mothers, and Hope thinks they should settle it on their own. Hope wonders how much responsibility Ridge has ever owned up to.

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Random Thoughts:

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-Ridge can't kick Brooke out of her own house Steffy.

-Brooke was keeping it 100 with Taylor. Can't wait until they find out it was Sheila.

-Hope was also keeping it 100 with Steffy.

-Love that Deacon heard Brooke and let her catch him on the ground after getting punched by Ridge. Did you catch that sly smile on Deacon's face?

-The fight scene was well choreographed, directed, and filmed.

-Brooke and Taylor were arguing and Brooke suddenly turned up to break up the fight. That was odd timing/editing. That had to be one, long fight.

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