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The Young and The Restless' Robert Newman: "I Already Feel Like This Show is Quite a Bit Like Succession"

Ashland Locke, The Young and the Restless

Robert Newman is knee-deep in The Young and the Restless' corporate storylines as tycoon Ashland Locke. In an interview with CBS Watch magazine, the daytime veteran shared his insights on how Ashland is mixing business with pleasure.

Comparing Ashland to Joshua Lewis on Guiding Light, Newman mused:

With Ashland, I think he’s more ethically challenged than Josh ever was, but I think he’s a good businessman who is very driven to get the result he wants. By the way, this also describes Victor [Eric Braeden]. The real dilemma for Ashland is that his love for Victoria is real. I don’t think that’s part of his con, and it’s messing with his head, so now he’s trying to right a lot of wrongs and move forward in his business.

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He compared the interpersonal dynamics in Ashland's work and personal lives to the dysfunctional Roy family on HBO's hit Succession and the Sackler pharmaceutical dynasty, explaining:

I already feel like this show is quite a bit like Succession or, in real life, the Sackler family of Purdue Pharma. When you have that many family members involved in this huge business, there’s going to be a crossover between what’s business and personal. That happens a lot here on Y&R. One of my very early encounters is with the character Adam [Mark Grossman] and his place in this new company formed with the merging of Newman-Locke. 

Ashland's wife Victoria (Amelia Heinle) is often at odds with her little brother Adam. Where does Ashland stand? Newman revealed:

Ashland clearly doesn’t trust Adam, but I think the trust part is sort of personal, and the concern about him having a major role in this new company is business. The person who Ashland respects the most in this Y&R world is Victor. He sees Victor as his equal, and even though Victor can be seen as his potential enemy, he still respects him. I imagine they could sit together at dinner and have a wonderful conversation, but then when they’re in the boardroom, a whole other thing happens.