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General Hospital's John J. York Dishes Co-Star Reunions and Mac's Shooting

John J. York

John J. York

General Hospital's Mac (John J. York) got shot during Peter's (Wes Ramsey) latest escape attempt. Although Mac is now on the mend, the family man is understandably concerned for his loved ones. Scorpio spoke to Soap Hub about working with on-screen wife Kristina Wagner (Felicia) and staying front and center on the canvas.

Of filming those scenes, York said:

All I knew for a long time was that [Mac] was getting shot but I also knew [he] wasn’t going to die. I didn’t want to give that away.

Kristina Wagner, John J. York, General Hospital

Kristina Wagner, John J. York

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The soap veteran is thrilled with his character's place as a Port Charles patriarch, enthusing:

I’m having a blast. I’m back in the mix. Kristina is back. There are going to be a lot of fun things coming up. Mac has [another] granddaughter now — Bailey. It’s going to be good!

John J. York, Tristan Rogers, General Hospital

John J. York, Tristan Rogers

The scene where Mac woke up in the hospital with his loved ones around him reminded him of The Wizard of Oz. York jested: 

I almost joked [in rehearsal], ‘Auntie Em! I had a dream, and you were there! And you were there and you were there!'