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Perkie's Observations: Carly Wants to Target Nina in Her Divorce on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 15, 2022
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly meets with divorce attorney Rebecca Diamond. Carly says she just wants to know her options, but doesn't want to go to war. Rebecca wants all the gory details, which Carly gives her. Carly doesn't want things to get ugly because there are children involved.

Rebecca wants everything to throw at Sonny, but Carly says they went through a terrible divorce years ago and won't put her kids through that again. Rebecca asks why Carly chose her as her attorney and what she wants if it isn't Sonny's blood. Carly says she wants to fight Nina and have her pay for everything.

Victor tells his minions they need to find Peter before the authorities do. Austin shows up, demanding answers about Maxie's whereabouts. Austin accuses Victor of getting information from him and endangering the baby's life. Victor says there is no proof, but Austin demands answers and threatens Victor with a syringe. Liesl arrives, gun in hand, and has Austin back off. Liesl blames Austin for Maxie's dangerous situation. After Austin leaves, Victor thanks Liesl for coming to his rescue.

Britt wonders how Nina managed to break up Carly and Sonny. She tells her she was out the night before with a ringless Carly. Britt warns Nina that Carly tends to go scorched earth, but Nina's ready for whatever war Carly will bring.

Nina asks Britt if she knows where Maxie and Peter could be. Britt says she barely knows Peter. Nina doesn't know how Peter found out the truth about the baby. Britt feels it would be someone to gain, like Victor. Nina wonders who told Victor as Austin arrives. Austin admits his part in Victor finding out about the baby. Britt mentions her mother being angry with Austin and warning him to stay away from Liesl.

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Michael and Willow discuss her passport issues and question why Harmony is blowing them off. Harmony claims she's doing everything she can. Willow says she called all the hospitals in the county, but didn't find anything. Harmony runs off and Michael tells Willow he doesn't believe Harmony is even trying to find the certificate.

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Harmony heads over to Alexis' office, worried about the forged birth certificate. Alexis says to tell Willow the truth behind the circumstances and tells Harmony to work with Diane in order to get a legal document to certify Willow's birth. Harmony says Willow won't understand. Alexis warns Harmony that if there is more to the story, Willow needs to find out from her and not someone else. Alexis wants the truth and Harmony admits there's more to the story.

Michael gets a call from his contact at the state department and tells Willow there is no record of a birth certificate being issued to Willow in the US or anywhere else. Apparently, Willow doesn't exist. (if only that were true!)

Mac's feeling better and anxious to get on Peter's trail. Felicia tells Mac that Peter took Maxie hostage. Mac tries to get out of bed, but Epiphany is quick to chastise him and forces him to stay. Felicia tells Mac about Louise and how Brook Lynn has been taking care of her. Louise is in Brook Lynn's care until Felicia can take her.

Ned and Olivia show up for a visit and some final time with the baby. Ned apologizes to Chase for being wrong about him. Brook Lynn and Chase bring the baby to the hospital to Felicia.

Liesl tells Victor to help her find Maxie and he questions what's in it for him. Liesl says Peter's suffering should be all the incentive Victor needs. Victor says he remembers all the times she's turned on him, but Liesl says he's done the same to her. Victor promises to do what he can.

Liesl shows up at the hospital to talk to Austin and tells him that she planted a chip on Victor's lapel. The two listen in while Victor tells someone that he needs to find Peter and silence him.

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