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The Young and the Restless Recap: Will Devon’s Bone Marrow Save Dominic?

The Young and the Restless Recap for February 15, 2022
Devon Hamilton, The Young and the Restless

Bryton James

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Musings of Nighttime Billy: Devon and Billy are at Society swapping stories of sick children prior to discussing the business of podcasts. Whilst discussing potential podcasts, Billy lapses into discussing his newly discovered insomnia and how productive it has made him. He then moves on to existentially wax poetic about life. Billy muses about starting his own podcast. Devon actually thinks it’s a good idea. Just then, Devon gets the call to head to the Chancellor mansion.

Lily woos Amanda: Lily and Amanda are hanging out discussing sick baby Dominic, but also discussing how the law practice is going. Lily takes that moment to offer Amanda the head legal position at Chancellor. Amanda is flattered, but it’s bad timing. Lily is unrelenting, and explains how she has a fresh perspective and needs people like Amanda on her team. They move on to talking about how convincing Lily can be especially since she was able to persuade Billy to play second fiddle. Amanda is stunned that Billy is willing to be just the slightest bit submissive. Amanda is impressed with how much Billy has seemingly grown and evolved. Lily changes the topic and decides to take Amanda on a field trip. 

Lily carts Amanda back to her apartment so Billy can convince her to join Chancellor. Billy makes his pitch by talking about how much they value creativity and autonomy. Amanda can’t just walk out on her sister. They explain that there is a role at Chancellor for Imani. Amanda agrees to talk to Imani…whenever they run into each other again. She leaves and Billy reports back about his meeting with Devon. Lily supports the podcasts based on Billy’s insomnia-based musings…maybe he could be anonymous or have a pseudonym.

Dominic’s Health Woes: Chance is looking pale and tragic as he avoids taking a phone call. Flashback to memories of staking out behind barrels and paint cans with Rey. A crash sounded which freaked him out. Back in reality, a distressed Abby arrives to lament about the wee baby Dominic. Chance wonders about Abby’s decision to not tell her family about the baby’s possible condition. Nate calls and is going to bring the specialist TO THEIR HOUSE to explain the test results. Abby is panicked as Chance tries to calm her fears.

Devon has arrived at the Chancellor mansion, and he calls Amanda to give her the skinny. Abby emerges to give him less than stellar news about Dominic’s current condition. Just then, Nate and Dr. Alston arrive to say that Dominic does not have leukemia, but a very rare blood disorder. It’s very serious. He needs a bone marrow transplant. The best case scenario is everything goes back to normal. The problem is neither Abby nor Devon are likely to be compatible donors. The best case scenario is a sibling…who doesn’t exist, right?

Rey arrives and discusses the baby’s diagnosis and their failed stake out. Chance tries to explain what happened the night before. Just then, Abby arrives. Rey makes his exit and Abby fills Chance in on the latest haps. She’s more interested in knowing how Chance let Rey down. She wants to talk to him, but Chance distracts her by bringing up Dominic. The phone rings and it’s Dr. Alston reporting that she is only a 1/2 match, as anticipated. Meanwhile, the good doctor has called Devon and tells him he is a 100% bone marrow match to Dominic!

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Random Thoughts:

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-A podcast based on Billy’s nighttime musings?

-Amanda and Imani working with Billy and Lily could be interesting.

-Where is Imani?

-Chance distracting Abby from talking about his PTSD by bringing up their sick baby was on point.

-Two doctors in Genoa City left work to make an unsolicited house call? It’s bizarre because it’s not 1962, but money talks.

-Devon is a 100% bone marrow match for Dominic? Wait, didn’t the Dr. Alston say parents are almost never more than a 50% match?

-What was that folks were saying about a sibling or identical twin? 

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU!

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