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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Thomas Blocks Brooke From Contacting Ridge

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for February 16, 2022
Thomas Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful

Matthew Atkinson

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

The Insufferable Twins: Steffy and Thomas are discussing their father’s marriage as if they are twelve. Taylor enters and they do everything but jump up and down asking her if their dad’s marriage is over. Taylor reports that Brooke is confident her marriage will survive.

Steffy is beside herself and Thomas is sure Brooke is lying. Taylor tries to reason with them. Just then, Ridge arrives. They assume Deacon is responsible. Ridge says he got what he deserves. Steffy wonders if Brooke got what she deserves. Taylor dutifully brings Ridge an ice pack while Steffy says Deacon deserved whatever Ridge gave him.

Thomas and Steffy double down on Ridge, and want to make sure Brooke gets what’s coming to her. They go on and on and on... Ridge still thinks Deacon did something to make Brooke drink. He goes on to say that Brooke actually defended Deacon. Ridge says he ended it with Brooke. Steffy is sorry (really?) but glad he came home to the family who loves him.

Team Brooke: Hope is LIVID as she recounts her interaction with Steffy to Liam. He wonders what’s happening with Brooke. Just then, she arrives. Brooke says she spoke with Ridge and told him the truth, but she was too late because Taylor beat her to the punch.

Hope fills Brooke in that she already knew. Brooke flashes back to yesterday’s encounter with a bloody and heartbroken Ridge. She returns to the present to tell Hope how disappointed she is in herself. Hope and Liam think Ridge must realize how much she loves him.

Brooke recounts the confrontation, but still wonders what made her drink in the first place. She goes on to explain that Ridge thinks Deacon spiked her drink. Further, she found Ridge smacking Deacon around at Il Giardino. Although she defended Deacon, Brooke believes Ridge still loves her… and yet, he walked out the door. Brooke is afraid she has lost her soul mate.

Brooke tries to call Ridge. In Malibu, Thomas sees Brooke’s call and intercepts Ridge’s phone. She leaves him a message saying that she loves him and refuses to give up on their life together. Thomas sees the message on Ridge’s phone. What will he do?

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Random Thoughts:

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-Dear Marones, please clean your own kitchens before pointing out the dirty floor in someone else’s.

-Steffy is insufferable.

-Thomas is insufferable.

-Taylor as the voice of reason works nicely.

-A non-growly Ridge is a better Ridge.

-Where is Katie?

-Where is Donna?

-Where is Bill Spencer to help call out all of this self-righteous, hypocritical nonsense?

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