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Perkie's Observations: Anna Gets a Lead on Maxie's Whereabouts on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 17, 2022
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Anna Devane, General Hospital

Finola Hughes

On today's General Hospital recap: Finn is concerned for Liz, who admits she had a good cry this morning. She says she's working extra shifts because she wants Cameron to have the experience of living in the dorm.

Brando searches out Sasha (currently being played by Sofia Mattsson's sister Helena Mattsson) so they can talk about their feelings. He says he's not doing well and while Sasha understands it, she says her way of coping is different. Sasha swears she loves him and promises not to let him forget it.

Liesl checks in with Austin, who's been listening to the bug that she planted on Victor. Austin says Victor's day to day life is boring. Liesl believes Victor helped Peter escape and could be the key to finding Maxie.

Drew heads to the pier where he runs into Sam, both of whom are looking for clues from Maxie's disappearance. Victor's minion tells him where to find Drew and he shows up on the pier. Victor claims he's there to offer money for a lead on Maxie, saying he feels responsible for Peter.

Sam snarks at Victor, who says he has something to tell Drew. Victor pulls out the sun card and tries to activate him. Sam tries to stop him, but the conditioning doesn't work since it's not the right card. Drew asks Sam to leave as he roughs up Victor, causing Liesl's chip to fall off and become damaged. Drew says he knows Victor was trying to activate him, but showed him the wrong card. Drew warns Victor to back off.

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Anna finds Felicia crying at the hospital. Anna says giving Louise back to Brook Lynn and Chase was the right thing to do. Anna gives Felicia Maxie's earring. It was found with the baby and assures her she'll do everything to bring Maxie home.

Mac promises Felicia that giving up the baby is only temporary. He says they can spend time with her until Maxie comes home.

Anna tells Finn and Liz that Brook Lynn, Chase ,and the baby have extra police protection in case Peter doubles back. Anna is certain that Peter will make a mistake and says she needs to end this.

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Finn and Anna discuss how things were between them and Anna is apologetic about not being able to give him what he needed. Finn reassures her that things worked out as they should and that he's rooting for her to find Peter.

Liz gets a card with the message, "Thinking of you. We're both thinking of him today. B." She shows it to Finn and thinks the B stands for Franco's mom Betsy.

Peter tells Maxie they're heading somewhere no one will find them. Peter says he bought a place close to his old boarding school and says they can send for Louise when they settle in. Peter doesn't want to tell her where for her protection.

Maxie manages to get Peter to stop off at a restroom where she leaves her earring behind along with message in lipstick on the bathroom mirror to call Anna. Back in the car, Maxie does what she can to placate Peter.

A woman finds Maxie's message, calls Anna, and tells her she's in Switzerland. The woman texts a photo of the earring and Anna matches it to the one that Felicia has. Anna asks Sam to stay and follow the Victor connection.

Drew tells Anna he's going with her. Felicia says she is as well. Anna disagrees, saying Felicia should stay behind because it could be dangerous. Felicia insists, but Anna says her focus will be divided and she needs it on finding Maxie. Mac agrees. Anna worries about Drew as well, but he tells her that if Peter manages to activate him, she is to do what needs to be done.

Laura comes across Austin and Liesl arguing about Victor and the bug. Liesl thinks Laura can help them. Liesl tells Laura about the tarot card and Laura realizes that Victor wants something from Drew and that's why he's back in town.

Victor complains to his minion that the card didn't work. He says Drew's memories have been altered and he needs to access them since they're the key to his life's work. Victor spots the bug, broken on the ground.

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