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WATCH: GH's Cynthia Watros Talks Nina Busting up CarSon, Wanting Love and Motherhood (VIDEO)

Cynthia Watros, General Hospital

General Hospital's Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) is yet another woman who has fallen for Port Charles' mob king Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and is smack in the middle of the pending war between him and his wife Carly (Laura Wright). Granted, Nina is the cause of their upcoming divorce and fell for Sonny when he thought he was Mike while in Pennsylvania, but the fashion editor tried to quell the feelings she started having for the dimpled Dapper Don. Michael Fairman TV spoke with Watros on Nina's feelings for Sonny and her misdeeds.

Watros said:

It would be nice if we were human beings who never made mistakes and always did the right thing and never, you know. A lot of what Nina does—consider her childhood too, which she had to go through in her life. So there's a lot of her development, because she was in a coma for so long, has been stilted. I think that adds to it, not to make excuses for the things that she does but I love Nina. I think she's not evil; she's not trying come to purposely go out there and hurt people. She's just like all of us; we're trying to find love. We're trying not to be so fearful in our life. She has a lot of hurt, a lot of pain. She might try to cover that pain with things that she probably needs to go to therapy, actually (laughs). She finds a lot of comfort in Mike/Sonny. I see her as someone really desperately trying to find love. She's had some bad relationships in the past, and we'll see if this is the one that will save that little piece of her, that little girl that's just wanting to be loved. She's very strong, too. I mean ,she runs a magazine; if you push it too far, don't mistake your kindness for weakness. I think that she's a very strong-willed woman who can definitely survive on her own if she had to, but she does desperately want love and desperately wants a child. She doesn't think she'd be able to get the child, so trying to find the man.

While discussing Nina wanting a child, Watros touched upon her thoughts regarding the possibility Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) could actually be Nina's daughter.

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How would you feel if Willow was Nina’s daughter?

I'm not sure how that's all going to play out; if that were such a scenario, that would play out. I think there's such a deep wanting to have a child. I mean, she's grasping onto her grandchild Wiley, anybody who would be her daughter, whether it Willow or anyone if that's possible out there in the world she would fall over herself with like happiness and love. It's like the best gift you could give her.

Watros also gave a little hint about what may happen in Nina's future:

Look forward to big reveals and for Nina to finally get that thing she's always wanted.

Watch the entire interview below.