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The Young and the Restless Recap: Who is Texting Jack Abbott?

The Young and the Restless Recap for February 17, 2022
Jack Abbott, The Young and the Restless

Peter Bergman

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Jack and Lauren, y’all!: Jack and Lauren are having a drink at Society while catching up about Kyle and Harrison. Lauren is curious about whether or not Phyllis will move to Milan.

Jack continues engaging in small talk without getting too deep. Lauren refuses to engage and says she bets Phyllis will stay put. Jack pretends like he doesn’t care either way, but Lauren thinks he’s being coy. Just then, Phyllis enters. They greet each other, just as Chloe and Chelsea enter. Lauren heads off with them for their meeting, leaving Jack and Phyllis to catch up.

Chelsea 22.0: Lauren is excited to hear about Chelsea and Chloe’s proposal. Chelsea explains how their brand will differ from JCV, which will bring Fenmore’s new business. Their new line is Bella MilConno - the names of their three children. They try to ply Lauren with more numbers, but she has seen enough. They have a deal!

Reunited and WTF? Jack and Phyllis grab a table and discuss her trip. It was so nice for Phyllis to see Summer and Kyle, and how their life is working out in Milan. He wonders about her new job. Phyllis says her roots are in GC and she doesn’t think she wants to change everything just to go to Milan. Long story short, she’s staying! Jack is thrilled!

They finish their meal just as Jack receives a text from an unknown number in Los Angeles. He thinks it’s a wrong number and texts back. He gets an immediate response that reads: “This message is for you, Jack Abbott. You need to go to Los Angeles." He asks why to whoever is texting. The reply reads, “Something you’ve been missing.”

Abby meets with Rey at Crimson Lights. She catches him up on Dominic, but is more concerned about Chance. Rey is hesitant to share too many details, but says it was obvious to both of them it wasn’t time for him to return to the force. 

Abby Takes a Chance on Rey: Chance is wandering around the stakeout location having flashbacks of the events of that evening. Cue the loud noise and Chance’s apology for not being there for Rey. He’s distraught that he choked and failed AGAIN. The flashback continues with Chance saying he was useless at the stakeout, just like he was in Spain. Rey told him he isn’t ready to be back on the job and Chance exits the scene.

Chance returns to the Chancellor mansion to find Abby and Rey in the living room. He quickly discovers that Rey provided a few details about the stakeout, and he is not happy. Rey tries to explain that he’s trying to help, but Chance brutally rebuffs him. Rey tries to get Chance to understand that he’s only trying to help, just as Abby returns from checking on Dominic. Rey exits leaving Abby and Chance to discuss life. She wants to help him, but can’t understand unless he is willing to dish. She urges Chance to understand they must work together! Chance finally breaks down and explains the stakeout situation to Abby.

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Rey ends up contemplating life at Crimson Light, just as Chloe and Chelsea enter all excited about their new deal. Chelsea spots Rey sitting all alone and flashes back to her tawdry dream from the night before. Rey startles her as she was getting all hot and bothered. She and Chloe explain about their new deal with Fenmore’s. He thinks Chelsea should be proud of herself. Chloe must cut their celebration short because Kevin is unable to deal with the kiddies. Chelsea takes the opportunity to invite Rey over to celebrate the spoils of her creative juices. Chloe observes, smiling from a distance.

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Random Thoughts:

-Lauren and Jack are adorable. More Jack and Lauren, please!

-Rey must have learned some fierce social working moves from Sharon.

-Abby talking to Rey about Chance is WAY more compelling than anything about the wee baby Dominic. 

-Could Sharon be the one to help Chance deal with his PTSD?

-Does anyone else think it’s icky that Chloe smiled lovingly at Chelsea bonding with MARRIED Rey? 

-Who is texting Jack? 

-What is the thing/person Jack has been missing that is currently in Los Angeles (AKA The Bold and the Beautiful)?

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Young and the Restless recap.