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Perkie's Observations: Laura Warns Spencer and Nikolas to be Wary of Victor on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 18, 2022
Laura Spencer, General Hospital

Genie Francis

On today's General Hospital recap: Laura pays Spencer a visit at Spring Ridge. He says he's doing fine, thanks to Victor. Laura warns Spencer about Victor and his many shenanigans over the years. Spencer says he's thankful that Victor got him into Spring Ridge instead of Pentonville. Laura wonders why Spencer can't find the good in Nikolas the same way he can in Victor. Spencer complains about Nikolas and says that Victor puts his family first. He believes he's safe since Victor has his back.

Ava and Nikolas discuss plans for their vow renewal. They're interrupted by Victor, but Nikolas is quick to question his uncle's ties to Peter. Victor swears he dumped Peter in Crete. Victor asks about the vow renewal, but he's not invited. Victor offers a reunion between Nikolas and Spencer. Victor complains about their treatment of Spencer, despite Ava's reminder that she gave Spencer lots of opportunities to make amends. Victor says they need to make the first gesture of reconciliation, as Laura interrupts.

Laura tells them that she saw Spencer, who's doing well, because someone is looking out for him on the inside. Victor says he'll do what he can for his family. After Victor leaves, Ava believes Victor has a point. Laura says Victor is devious, but Ava says they'll see it coming a mile away. Nikolas says they shouldn't underestimate Victor. Laura tells Nikolas to visit Spencer before Victor gets to him.

Victor pays Spencer a visit, who says he's grateful for everything Victor has done for him. Spencer says Victor is one of the few people he can count on. Victor says he doesn't want to come between Spencer and his family. He claims he just wants what's best for the family.

Liesl and Austin worry that Victor found the bug and how they didn't get any information on Maxie's whereabouts. Sam interrupts to say that Anna has a lead on Peter, and has gone with Drew and Dante. Liesl decides she needs to go to Europe herself. Britt arrives and refuses to let her go.

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Austin mentions the bug they planted on Victor, but they didn't get any real information before the bug was destroyed. Sam and Britt worry that Victor is now onto them, and have made things worse for Maxie. Liesl has an idea about Zurich and feels the need to call Anna.

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At the WSB field office on the Swiss-Austrian border (seriously, you can't make up this stuff!!) Anna, Dante, and Drew are given the go ahead to search for Peter. The female agent in charge has video footage of Maxie and Peter's car, though has lost their track.
Drew says they need to start thinking like Peter, so they check a map to see where he would have gone. Liesl calls Anna to tell her that salt mines are a clue, something that Anna had just come to herself. Liesl says there was a youth camp where Peter went for school holidays.

Felicia doesn't bother to heed Anna's advice and takes her own flight to Switzerland. She remembers a conversation she had with Peter. (Completely fabricated in case anyone was wondering if this was a legit flashback or not.) Felicia remembers him mentioning a place in the Swiss Alps called versteckte Wiese.

Peter and Maxie end up in a house in the middle of nowhere. He says the property is quiet and no one knows it's his. Peter says it's their refuge and they can make a home. Peter notices that her earrings are missing. Maxie says she lost one on the plane ride over and tossed the other.

Maxie mentions being worried about her kids. Peter says after some time when they're safe from anyone, they can have Louise brought to them. Meanwhile, he's prepared for anything as he pulls out a gun to show her.

Maxie apologizes to Peter for being angry with him and is thankful that he allowed them to leave Louise behind. She understands his love for her and that Louise will be with them someday.

Johan updates Victor that Anna has arrived overseas. Victor says he wants Peter dead as well anyone in his way, except for Drew. Johan calls the male WSB agent working with Anna and the men, and is given his instructions. 

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