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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Ridge Kicks it Old School And Hops From Brooke to Taylor

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for February 21, 2022
Ridge Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful

Thorsten Kaye

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Revisionist History Beach House: Ridge tells Doc that his home is now with her. How quickly the tides turn. They passionately kiss, just as Steffy and Thomas creepily walk in and watch. He once again declares that he is home with his family…poor RJ! He says he is officially coming home if Taylor will have him. Run Taylor, RUN! They discuss how much time they’ve missed as a family. Taylor says she stayed away mostly because she was living life without Ridge…really?

Dazed and Confused: Brooke is beside herself because Thomas blocked her from seeing Ridge, and now he is probably canoodling with Taylor. Liam wonders why Thomas is playing gatekeeper. They go on to discuss that Thomas has Ridge’s cell phone, which means he has no idea Brooke has even tried to contact him. Liam correctly assesses that Thomas and Steffy are currently in fifth grade mode. Brooke wonders if Liam can do something to help. She wants him to go and sniff around the beach house. He agrees, and Hope and Brooke remain to continue assessing the tragic events. Hope thinks she is partially responsible for being a little brat about having Deacon around. Nope, not this time, Hope! C’mon, Liam, get to sniffing!

Liam Does Brooke’s Bidding: Steffy and Thomas ickily discuss Taylor and Ridge getting privacy upstairs, just as Liam enters. He hems and haws enough for Steffy and Thomas to quickly realize he’s there to get the skinny on Ridge - who apparently they are holding hostage. He immediately caves and admits he’s there for Brooke. He wonders why Thomas is blocking her from the house. He and Steffy immediately join together like the Addams siblings to discuss how hideous that horrible Brooke has been to their very innocent father. Logical Liam wonders why they would keep Brooke out if Ridge has suddenly committed himself to Taylor, and why has he confiscated the phone?

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Reunited and TRidge Feels So Good: Upstairs, Taylor and Ridge touch and nuzzle and coo as she says she has never stopped loving him. Did she notice he didn’t say it back? He looks down and removes his wedding ring as he prepares to go more than one step further with Taylor than Brooke did with Deacon. Cue the music…

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Random Thoughts:

  • This particular storyline is physically painful to watch.
  • Didn’t Taylor leave town the last time because she put a bullet in Bill and let Liam take the blame?
  • Ridge’s actions are consistent with his character - as frustrating as they are.
  • Hasn’t Taylor had enough of this “wash, rinse, repeat” cycle?
  • Aren’t there any other viable options for Brooke? A reformed Deacon? Being single? Ted King, er, um, I mean Jack Finnegan?
  • Where is Finn?
  • Has anyone told RJ about recent events?

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Watch the video below and check back for the latest The Bold and the Beautiful recap.