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Days of Our Lives Recap: Sarah Baffles Steve and Kayla When She Reveals She's Renée DuMonde

Days of Our Lives Recap for February 22, 2022
Sarah Horton, Daysof Our Lives

Linsey Godfrey

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Statesville: Clyde doesn't believe EJ when he claims he was set up. Clyde promises he's no snitch if EJ ever wants to confess. EJ flashes back to his shooting. Clyde wants to know what he remembers, but EJ says doesn't remember anything. He explains the life-saving drugs erased a lot of his memories. EJ asks if he can help him adjust to prison life. Clyde's internal thought hopes for his sake, EJ never remembers he double-crossed him.

Salem Inn: Gwen is thrilled with her new ring and can't wait to show it off. Knock, knock, it's Jack. He wants to know what Xander knows about Abigail's disappearance. Both he and Gwen say this is the first they're hearing the news. Gwen tells Jack what happened with Abigail, "Sarah", and "Gwen." She denies she knows anything, then has a flashback of texting Chad on Abigail's phone. Gwen hugs Jack, and offers him encouragement and hope. Jack is happy for Gwen and Xander.

DiMera mansion: Shawn calls Chad about a lead he's tracking down...the ex-DiMera pilot, Ned. Kate listens to Chad, but wants to talk about EJ. Chad tells Kate if she feels badly about EJ's sentence, then she can turn Lucas in. Tony comes in as Chad tells Kate she will have to learn to live with it.

Chad doesn't feel anything about his EJ's imprisonment and updates Tony on Shawn's lead. Tony recognizes Ned's name and thinks he can help. Tony remembers that Ned had bungalow in Key West. The two decide to head down after they alert Shawn.

DiMera island: Kristen contends Sarah went with her willingly and relates what happened with Sarah. Kristen says that Sarah found out she was masquerading as Susan, and knocked her out. Kristen made a mask and slept with Rex to put off Xander. Sarah attacked Kristen with a syringe after Kristen returned from Rex's bed. Kristen relates that after the struggle, it was Sarah who took the needle. The drugs warped her mind. It triggers Abigail's memory from when Gwen used same drugs on her that caused her psychotic break.

Abigail takes blame for Sarah because she threatened to drug Gwen to get information about her grandmother's death. She explains how Gabi convinced her not to inject the drugs. Abigail tells Kristen that Gwen used the drugs on her and now Kristen understands what happened to Sarah...she thought Kristen was Xander and went along with her.

Kayla and Sarah embrace. Sarah wonders who the man with Kayla is and is thrilled to find out she and Steve are married. Sarah denies being her maid of honor. 

Kayla is confused by Sarah's random memories and asks her questions about head injuries. She remembers Abe, but not the pub. Sarah asks Kayla who Sarah is. She remembers Tom and Alice Horton, but claims to have little interaction with Maggie. Steve asks her who she thinks she is if she's not Sarah. Sarah tells him Kayla can get him up to speed.

Sarah explains that there are paddles and a kayak, but she's afraid to go too far into the ocean. Steve tells her he was a Merchant Marine and can navigate water. Steve and Kayla think Sarah's seeking out the love of her life, Xander, but Sarah doesn't know who Xander is.

The Final Yards:

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-EJ hopes he can trust Clyde to keep him safe. No EJ, no!

-Chad and Tony prepare to head to Florida.

-Kristen tells Abigail that Sarah has moved beyond Xander.

-Sarah is confused when Steve and Kayla tell her that Xander was her fiancé. Sarah admits she's in love with Tony DiMera and reveals she's Renée DuMonde, not that scheming bitch Anna Fredericks. 

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Random Thoughts:

-What a twist! Abigail and Kristen talking about how Gwen drugging her caused her mind warp, then tying it to Sarah, who is clearly exhibiting the same psychosis.

-Chad's lack of guilt and rampant anger about EJ is the Chad I need.

-EJ doesn't really know the man he's bunking with, but it's hard to hide the truth in Salem.

-Look at that shady Gwen comforting Jack when she was the cold-hearted bitch who ghosted Chad's texts.

-I wasn't watching when Renée was on and can't wait to learn about her through Sarah.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!