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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Ditches Peter on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 21, 2022
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Maxie Jones, General Hospital

Kirsten Storms

On today's General Hospital recap: Maxie warns Peter that she plans on escaping the first chance she gets, which doesn't surprise him since he expected it. Maxie says as long as her kids are safe across the Atlantic, she's not playing any more games. She asks for the truth from Peter and brings up Nathan.

Maxie asks Peter if he set everything up so Nathan would die, knowing he was a better man than Peter would ever be. Peter says he didn't plan for Nathan to die, but it did work out for him. Maxie says Peter played her, but she acknowledges she let him. Maxie says she dug this hole and will climb out of it or die trying. Peter says he'll never let her go. Maxie knees him in the groin and makes a run for it.

Anna and Heidi continue to search for clues of Peter's whereabouts. Dante gets frustrated with the lack of knowledge in finding Peter, and Drew talks him down. Agent Double Crosser contacts someone with what they have so far.

The unnatural heatwave continues in Port Charles. (Is it just Port Charles? Do you get to the border and suddenly winter is back in the neighboring towns?)

Laura chastises Esme for being late for lunch and keeping her waiting. Esme tries to blow her off, but Laura insists that she take things seriously. Laura accuses Esme of being disrespectful in her home and how she treated Ava. Esme swears she regrets what happened with Ava and won't let something like that happen again.

Laura brings up Ryan and how Esme got upset with Kevin for blocking her access to him. Esme claims she's focused on her studies and promises to do better. Esme admits she's having a hard time alone without Spencer and Laura tells her she needs a support system other than her boyfriend.

Josslyn complains to Trina about Sonny and his choice to protect Nina, while blowing their family apart. Trina mentions Spencer getting her a gift for Valentine's Day. Josslyn gets her panties in a bunch and declares that Trina is nobody's sidepiece, which Trina denies being. Josslyn tells her about sex with Cameron and how wonderful it was.

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Esme stops by to apologize for creating drama in the drinking game. Trina says she's never done anything to Esme, who admits they intimidate her. Esme says they have great families to support them while she only has Spencer. She says she realizes that they aren't her enemies. Josslyn questions the change of heart and Esme says Laura told her to mend fences.

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Spencer's not happy to see Nikolas, but his father asks to spend some time together. Spencer asks about Peter and gets upset that he's escaped again. The topic of Victor comes up. Nikolas warns his son, but Spencer won't hear of Victor being disparaged.
Nikolas says Victor's protection comes at a price and he's doing what he can for Spencer.

Spencer asks Nikolas to have Ava remove the restitution ,then complains that Nikolas is putting Ava above Spencer. Nikolas says there is room for both of them in his heart and is annoyed that Spencer continues a vendetta that so far has gotten him in jail.
Spencer says Nikolas can prove himself by giving him his trust fund back and not renewing his vows to Ava.

Nikolas says his job is to have Spencer take accountability for his actions and to stop him from retaliating against Ava. Spencer calls Ava a bitch and Nikolas angrily tells him that he can't refer to women that way. Spencer counters that Nikolas ordered a woman shot and doesn't have a leg to stand on. Spencer tells Nikolas not to bother visiting again.

Ava runs into Olivia, who mentions that Leo has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Ava apologizes for not being there for Olivia, and neglecting her and Leo. Olivia tells her that Ned is planning on adopting Leo.

Laura asks Ned about Tracy. He says the WSB has dropped all charges against her because they were able to determine that the Ice Princess was replaced without Tracy's knowledge, weeks before she made the sale.

Dante, Drew, and Anna get to the cabin in the woods, just as Maxie makes it to a road and flags down a car. (Who wants to bet a box of chocolate covered almonds the cabin is a trap for our heroes and the person in the car stopping for Peter...Anyone?)

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