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Perkie's Observations: Peter Gets Clocked on The Head by Felicia on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 22, 2022
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Peter August, General Hospital

Wes Ramsey

On today's General Hospital recap: At the cabin, our heroes take fire they believe is from Peter, and Anna calls out for Peter to give himself up. The group moves in, shooting anyone they see, which turns out to be everyone, including WSB agent Kruger, but not Peter. Anna and Drew head out to find Peter, while Dante stays behind to interrogate Kruger.

Maxie is relieved to see her mother pull up in the car. (No chocolate covered almonds for me since I had pegged it as Peter!) Felicia explains Anna's mission, but says she came separately. Someone rams them from behind and pushes them off the road. Maxie takes off on foot with Peter in hot pursuit.

Carly tells her divorce attorney that she just wants to get it over with, though Rebecca feels she could get more. Sonny and his attorney Simon show up to begin negotiations. Simon is surprised when Rebecca says Carly doesn't want any of their shared assets, but says Carly has her own money. Rebecca says Carly wants to retain the main compound, but Sonny disagrees. He says Carly abandoned him and he's not letting her take the house.

Rebecca argues, but Sonny refuses to back down, so Carly does, saying Donna will have two houses anyway. Rebecca asks for joint custody of Donna, adding she will live with Carly, which Sonny disagrees with. Simon agrees to joint custody, but asks to have the child live with Sonny at the home she's used to.

Simon brings up Avery and says Sonny will have joint custody with Ava, and Carly will no longer have any rights to her. Simon feels both girls shouldn't be kept apart and should both live with Sonny at the compound.

Sonny wants to talk to Carly alone, so the lawyers leave. Carly says she's taking Donna to live with her. Sonny says he doesn't want a custody fight or to separate the girls. Carly says it is Sonny's fault they're here. Sonny offers to have them stay together so the girls can live under the same roof. Carly's not interested in having the girls see them in an unhappy, unloving relationship. Sonny agrees to let Carly keep the house and Donna while he moves into the penthouse.

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Esme questions Trina's gift from Spencer, but claims she knew all about it. Josslyn continues to push Esme's buttons, saying Esme doesn't mean the apology. Josslyn says Esme is playing the victim, which she denies. Esme and Josslyn argue back and forth, while Trina tries to referee. Esme swears she's only trying to build bridges, but Josslyn says they aren't friends. Josslyn continues to dig the knife in about Spencer giving Trina the gift, and demands Esme tell them the truth. Trina continues to simmer at a small boil.

Esme finally has enough and walks away. Trina's upset with Josslyn for involving her in the argument. Trina gets angry with Josslyn for butting in and tells her to stay out of it. Josslyn claims she wants what's best for her, but Trina says she made things worse.
While both Trina and Josslyn are out of the room, Esme pulls out the burner phone she used at the cabin, replacing the phone cover with one similar to Trina's. (So I'm guessing the video of Josslyn and Cameron's sex will be posted online and it will seem as though Trina did it.)

On the docks, Sam eavesdrops as Victor and his minion discuss Peter, and how Victor needs to deal with him now. Sam takes a photo on her phone, but then stupidly makes a noise they hear. (Crack PI that one.) She manages to get out before they find her.

Laura questions Robert on Peter's investigation as her deputy mayor Eileen, eavesdrops. Robert mentions Felicia went to Switzerland. While he understands why she did, he says Mac is now worried about her.

Sam finds them to discuss Victor, while Eileen continues to eavesdrop, though Laura spots her and tells her she can leave. Sam shows Laura and Robert the photo of Victor meeting with Johan. Robert calls the WSB for information on Johan and finds out he was in Austria around the time of Luke's accident. Laura says it's not a coincidence that Victor resurfaced right after Luke died and the Ice Princess was stolen. She believes Victor was behind it all.

Eileen meets with Victor and tells him that Laura, Sam, and Robert are getting too close.

Maxie runs through the woods until Peter stops her, telling her he'll shoot her if she keeps running. Maxie tells Peter to shoot her, so it will prove him a monster. Peter yells that she was supposed to be the one to redeem him. Felicia comes up behind him, knocking him out with a branch. (I swear to dog, if Maxie doesn't pick up the gun and shoot him in the head, I will be pissed!)

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