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The Young and the Restless Recap: Phyllis Reminds Jack About Keemo

The Young and the Restless Recap for February 21, 2022
Phyllis Summers, The Young and the Restless

Michelle Stafford

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Hell Freezes Over at The Grand Phoenix: Phyllis is in the lobby of The Grand Phoenix when Jack arrives. She has done a little digging about his random texts and has located the address from whence they came. Just then, Summer calls. Phyllis puts Jack on the line as Summer says Kyle is out with Harrison. He makes his exit as just Traci enters…and gives him the business about Phyllis. Just then, a mysterious text message asking Jack to not dismiss the messages - he’ll be glad he pursued it.

Back in the lobby, Summer really wants to know if Phyllis is going to move to Milan - nope, she’s turning her down because Genoa City is her home. Summer wants to know how much Jack factored into her decision. Phyllis pretends not to get it and says she and Jack are just friends. Summer isn’t quite so convinced.

Jack returns to hear Phyllis’ news about the location of the text. She says, “Hao Nguyen.” Jack looks stunned. His late wife Luan was Vietnamese. Phyllis says, “KEEMO’S MOTHER.”

Weddings and College and Bone Marrow, Oh MY! Mariah and Tessa are discussing wedding locales. Tessa is thinking big, but Mariah reminds her they have a budget. They best plan quickly since April is right around the corner. They spend a great deal of time planning each other’s ideal weddings. Tessa suggests San Francisco (where it all began). Mariah suggests Dollywood (can we get a cameo, Dolly?) They aren’t having any luck, so they decide to head downstairs..

Sharon is talking to Faith about college trips as Noah and Nicholas enter. Everyone is supportive of Faith as she and Noah give each other the business. Just then, Moses enters and they move to the other room. Moses thinks GCU might be his best option - Faith agrees. 

Tessa and Mariah head down to Crimson Lights and decide it is a good idea to ask Sharon to help plan their wedding…in front of Nicholas, Faith, Moses, and NOAH. No one is helpful, except Noah. He thinks they should do all of the plans - combine them.

Sharon gets a call while Noah and Nicholas are talking business. It’s Chance (yes!). He wants her to refer him to a counselor. Abby walks up and thanks him for making the call. Just then, Amanda and Devon walk in with coffee. Suddenly, they are back at the mansion awaiting a phone call from the hospital. Devon wants to hang at the mansion, overnight, whilst they await results.

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Random Thoughts:

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-Keemo? Really? Keemo?

-Jack and Luan hooked up at the end of the Vietnam War which would/should make Keemo close to 50 years old. 


-Tessa and Mariah are an adorable couple. 

-The endless discussion of planning a wedding that occurs in less than six weeks to support a plot point involving Noah is not adorable. 

-Send Moses and Faith to college in Eurasia or give them something substantive to do. 

-Amanda, Devon, Abby, and Chance are all playing WAY too nice. Somebody please bust up this boring tale of bone marrow and cooperation. 

-Pleeeeeeeeeeease let Sharon be Chance’s therapist. It fits with her degree and would be SUPER MESSY!


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