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Days of Our Lives Recap: Steve and Kayla Try to Work Within Sarah's Mind Warp

Days of Our Lives Recap for February 23, 2022
Patch Johnson and Kayla Brady, Days of Our Lives

Stephen Nichols, Mary Beth Evans

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

DiMera island: Abigail wants to know who Sarah's latest crush is. She runs through a list of names and when prompted by Kristen, guesses the man is Tony. Kristen tells Abigail that Sarah thinks she's Renée DuMonde...who Abigail doesn't know. Kristen fills her in on how Sarah fixated on Renée's book. Kristen tells Abigail she has to find Sarah, and leaves her alone with the book.

Kayla doesn't believe Sarah can be Renée since she's dead. Sarah is stuck in time and sees the world as she knows it...Kayla is a nurse and Sarah is a toddler. Steve wants the scoop on Renée. Kayla and Steve have to inform "Renée" that Tony is married to Anna. Aghast, Sarah suddenly wants to leave the island, but realizes Kristen won't let her.

Kayla and Steve arrive in the living room with flare guns looking for Kristen. "Renée" doesn't know why they're so angry and insists Kristen won't hurt them.

Paulina's place: Paulina answers the door and finds TR..."Lani's dear old dad." Reluctantly, Paulina lets him in. TR wants to exercise his rights as Lani's father, but Paulina threatens to call the police if he doesn't leave. After TR leaves, Paulina calls Abe. Paulina tells Abe that Lani's father is in Salem and they've already met. Abe offers to check on Lani.

The Grants: Lani is researching her father and realizes he's a Hollywood heavyweight. Eli (finally) comes home and Lani tells him what happened while he was gone. Eli says he would have been there for her, but Lani explains how Paulina helped when it was necessary. Lani admits she's curious about TR and hopes that he really has changed.

Eli heads out to Doug and Julie's when Abe arrives to give them some time alone. He asks Lani for the tea, which amuses her.

DiMera mansion: Tony is filling Anna in on Chad's lead in Florida. Anna offers to go, but Tony declines because of the potential danger. After Tony leaves, TR appears looking for Johnny.

Anna invites him chatters on about DiMera family history and offers to play Kristen. TR says he has another actress, but will keep her in mind for future projects. She suggests her love story with Tony, including the interference from Renée DuMonde. Anna encourages TR to fight for his daughter.

The Final Yards:

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-Kayla insists that Kristen tell her and Steve what really happened to Sarah. Kristen hints that Abigail may be there as well.

-Abigail is caught up in Renée's life story.

-When she's alone, Anna takes TR's advice and decides to type up her own life story.

-TR gets back to his room and gets a visit from Detective Grant. He tells TR he has Lani and Paulina's backs and will have to answer to him.

-Lani tells Abe she's curious, but Abe is her father.

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Random Thoughts:

-Abigail accused Kristen of wearing a Tony mask to romance Sarah! I'm DEAD!

-Who doesn't love Anna? Could you see her playing Kristen?

-Glad to see Eli back...he's definitely a puzzle piece that's missing when he's not around.

-I cackled when Abe asked for "the tea" on TR's sudden appearance.

-Anna's documenting her story is a good history lesson for those who don't know it...and a reminder for those who may have forgotten some details.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!