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Perkie's Observations: Anna Ushers Peter to The Upper Room on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 23, 2022
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Anna Devane, General Hospital

Finola Hughes

On today's General Hospital recap: Felicia cracks Peter in the head knocking him out. Maxie grabs the gun, but isn't sure if Peter is alive. Drew and Anna come across Felicia's abandoned car and find them in the woods. Drew checks the pulse and finds that Peter is still alive. Peter comes to, with Anna and Drew holding guns on him.

Peter begs Maxie not to leave him, but she screams that she's done with him. Drew takes his turn yelling at Peter while Anna calls for an ambulance. Anna reassures Felicia that she's not in trouble because she was saving Maxie's life. Drew leads the Scorpio women away, leaving Anna with Peter.

Austin tells Britt he won't be able to forgive himself if something happens to Maxie, which Brook Lynn overhears. She berates Austin for buddying up to Victor, which he denies doing.

Brook Lynn brings the baby to see Mac and Robert. Felicia calls in to let them know that she found Maxie. Maxie explains what happened and how Peter is badly injured and may not make it.

Sonny heads to Charlie's to drown his sorrows and Brando joins him. Sonny mentions the divorce proceedings and how the girls are going to see less of each other. Sonny asks about the progress with Sasha and says Brando needs to show her how much he loves her. Brando says they grieve differently, but Sonny thinks he should take Sasha away on a romantic trip, though Brando doesn't think she'd want that. After Brando leaves, Sonny continues to drink and leaves a drunken message on Nina's voicemail.

Blue-haired drug dealer Sienna stops by to say hello to Sasha and offers her some goodies, though Sasha turns them down. Lucy and Nina talk about Sasha and their concerns about her grief for Liam. They meet with Sasha, who says they need to be ready with the IPO for when Maxie returns. Nina asks Sasha about Brando and she admits she's been avoiding him, but she loves him and doesn't want to lose him. Brando shows up, so Nina and Lucy head out. Sasha says she's happy to see him. He asks if she wants to go away together and reconnect. Sasha agrees, but when Brando leaves, she searches out Sienna for some medicinal help.

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Nina shows up at the bar to get Sonny.

Anna tells Peter he's her responsibility, and Maxie and Louise will never be safe while he's alive. Peter realizes that she never called for an ambulance and wonders if she'll leave him to die alone. Anna says she hopes he'll have some measure of peace. He reaches for her hand and then dies. Anna closes his eyes, briefly cries, then says goodbye.

Maxie and Felicia go through what happened to Drew. Anna tells them Peter is dead. Anna says the WSB will take over, and Maxie and Felicia can go home. Felicia calls Mac to let him know she and Maxie are fine, and Peters is dead.

Brook Lynn updates Austin, Britt, and Liesl. Liesl finds some alcohol and asks Robert to join her in celebrating Peter's death. Austin checks in with Britt, who says she feels relief that Peter is dead. Britt says the threat is over and Maxie can go back to her life. She asks Austin what's going to happen when they see each other again.

Brook Lynn tells Chase that she's thrilled that Peter is dead, but hesitates when saying she's happy Maxie will get her daughter back. Chase is proud of her for what she did and the two share a kiss. (It's about flippin' time, though the hospital lobby wasn't the place I had in mind!)

Felicia asks Anna for the truth and she admits she never called the ambulance. Felicia agrees it was the right thing to do. Felicia asks if Anna regrets Peter's death and she says she regrets not stopping him sooner. (I really don't like the fact that Anna left him alone and we didn't see him taken out in a body bag.)

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