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Days of Our Lives Recap: Nicole Accuses Ava of Framing Rafe For Revenge

Days of Our Lives Recap for February 24, 2022
Nicole Walker, Days of Our Lives

Arianne Zucker

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Doc's office: John calls Marlena to find out if she got all of the Valentine's Day goodies in her office. They're getting all John and Marlena when an upset Nancy barges in, begging to speak to her. Nancy fills Marlena in on the latest news about Craig.

Nancy wonders who's to blame and asks if she can convert her husband back to the way he was. Marlena explains conversion therapy and Nancy concedes she used the wrong word. Marlena wants to focus on her, not Craig. She refuses to let Nancy blame herself and tells her to grieve her loss. Nancy is grateful for Marlena's perspective.

Salem PD: Nicole visits Rafe in the interrogation room before his trial starts. His mind drifts back to their romp on the desk (really?). Just then, Ava comes in bearing cookies and lays a juicy kiss on Rafe. She notes that Nicole is already there.

Nicole accuses Ava of framing Rafe as revenge for them having sex. Ava looks at Rafe for the truth and he admits they did the deed on Halloween. Ava pretends to be shocked while Rafe says he's had feelings for Nicole all along. Rafe apologizes for lying to her and himself. Rafe wants to know if Nicole's accusations are true. Ava admits nothing and leaves.

Jake/Gabi: Jake slowly wakes Gabi up and wishes her a Happy Valentine's Day. She remembers how "Jake" betrayed her with Maggie. Jake gets romantic and Gabi snaps at him. She backs off and says she has to get over to the courthouse for Rafe. Johnny texts Gabi's phone and Jake sees his invitation for Gabi to be his Valentine.

Horton Square: Craig watches a sweaty, shirtless Johnny wrapping up a run. Johnny asks what he's looking at. Craig notes that it's February and he's shirtless. Johnny claims he's always hot and they exchange introductions. He asks about a strained pectoral muscle and puts Craig's hand directly on his chest. He tries to pull away from Johnny's grip, just as Chloe appears. She misunderstands the situation, which Craig explains.

Craig and Chloe talk about him being in love. Craig tells a surprised Chloe that he's arriving in Salem tonight. He wants Chloe to meet him if she's ready, and she agrees.

DiMera mansion: Johnny gets a visit from an angry Gabi and is sympathetic to her problems. Johnny has a legal document claiming that Gabi's share will go to Jake. Gabi sees Jake's signature, which of course isn't really there.

John and Marlena's: Brady and John are talking about his feelings for Chloe. Brady is hesitant because of Philip's disappearance, but says he will be there for her when needed.

Chloe stops over to visit Brady and tells him that Craig wants her to meet his boyfriend. She thinks it would be easier if Brady went with her and he agrees.

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The Final Yards:

-John comes to Marlena's office and showers her with affection. He tells her that Brady filled him in about Craig.

-Craig and Nancy run into each other outside of the pub. She's pretty much done with him, as a husband and a friend.

-Jake finds out at the police station that Gabi was never there.

-Rafe is relieved that Ava knows about and says there's nothing to keep them apart.

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Random Thoughts:

-I was confused about this Valentine's Day stuff, but then remembered DAYS had an unplanned Olympic break.

-I thought Chloe knew who Johnny was? Maybe not from the backside?

-At least the truth is out about Nicole and Rafe's one off. It's easier knowing that everyone knows what's happening.

-Isn't Doc wonderful? Aren't Doc and John wonderful?

-Gabi seems pretty easily manipulated for someone who controlled manipulation!

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!