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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Is Reunited With Bailey Louise on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 24, 2022
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Maxie Jones, General Hospital

Kirsten Storms

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly summons Ava to tell her about the divorce and wonders if Ava's been coaching Nina all along. Ava denies it. Carly tells her that Avery will be staying with Sonny while Donna stays with her. Carly doesn't want the sisters to suffer.

Carly says Sonny has agreed to share Avery with Ava, but he could easily change his mind and she's willing to help Ava. Carly wants time with Avery in exchange, though Ava's not ready to jump. Ava lists her grievances against Carly and how she's treated Nina. Carly says Ava has outlasted all of Sonny's side pieces and will come out on top again. Ava says they reached a truce when Sonny was gone and worked together for Avery's sake, and she sees no reason to change now. Ava says she'll allow Carly to stay in Avery's life.

Sonny wakes up hungover on his couch with Nina at his side. He admits things are a little hazy, so Nina explains how she found him at Charlie's. Nina asks about the penthouse and Sonny says it's now home and shows her the divorce papers. Nina plays him the voicemail message that he left her last night. Nina says his drinking is an issue for her. She points out that he shouldn't mix his medications with alcohol despite his assurances that everything is fine. The two share a hug and then a kiss.

Curtis praises Drew on his return. Marshall talks to Drew about his last encounter with Sonny, but Drew claims there are no issues there. After Marshall leaves, Drew asks if Curtis is still digging into his past. Curtis says he's stopped looking and accepts the little he knows. Curtis does worry that whatever Marshall is hiding will come back on him and Portia. Drew tells Curtis to offer his father a job and the paperwork needed could give him answers. Curtis asks if Drew has time to help, if everything with Peter is done. Drew admits there are things that still need to be cleared up.

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Portia talks to Stella about finding a place and moving in with Curtis. Stella asks her to keep an eye on Curtis because she's worried about Marshall. Stella says she's worried that Curtis won't notice the signs to stay clear of his father. Stella says they don't know enough about Marshall's past

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Felicia and Anna get a warm reception at the hospital when they return. Mac complains to Felicia that he was worried when she took off after Maxie. Mac mentions Peter and Felicia reacts, but admits she doesn't regret anything she did.

Robert tells Anna that he nominated her to get the key to the city, but she's not happy about that. Robert calls her a hero, but Anna denies it. Anna says she never did right by Peter, and she let him die and she's not proud of it. Robert says Peter might be dead, but she's still thinking about him with regret. Anna says she bears some responsibility for Peter, but Robert disagrees. Robert tells her next time, give her heart to someone who deserves her love.

Ned wants to be there for Brook Lynn as Maxie shows up. Maxie tells them that Peter won't be threatening anyone again, thanks to Felicia and Anna. Maxi says she's there to take her daughter home.

Maxie admits to Ned that she's worried about getting Louise back and how Brook Lynn is the only mother she's known. Brook Lynn promises to help Maxie as she hands the baby to her. Maxie says she's going to keep the name and call the baby Bailey Louise.

Ned asks Chase what's next for him since there's no reason for him to live with Brook Lynn and the baby now.

Maxie thanks Chase and Brook Lynn for everything they did and gave up to protect Bailey. Maxie says if she's Mommy to Bailey then Brook Lynn should be Momma (I'm not crying, you're crying). After Maxie leaves, Brook Lynn cries and Ned hugs her. 

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