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Days of Our Lives Recap: Ciara and Ben Realize The Devil Shifted Into Johnny

Days of Our Lives Recap for February 25, 2022
Ciara Brady, Ben Weston, Days of Our Lives

Victoria Konefal, Robert Scott Wilson

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Ben and Ciara's: The duo get hot and heavy on the couch when Julie knocks on the door. Julie's clearly looking for the cross and asks where it is. Ciara tells her it kept flipping upside down. Julie is clearly upset and explains it's a sign of the Devil himself. She hopes the Devil is not still targeting their baby.

Julie wonders if the Devil left Salem and tells them about the night Johnny showed up to talk with Doug. Julie thinks she sounds like a crazy old lady and leaves. Ciara admits she's scared and Ben tells her the Devil could have jumped into someone other than Doug.

Courthouse: Nicole stops Melinda to tell her about Ava's connection to Rafe's accusers. Nicole explains how Ava knew about them months ago, but Melinda wants proof that Ava's been plotting all along.

Nicole pretends to be Jennifer Deveraux from The Spectator to talk to one of the witnesses. She accuses Mr. Hutchins of lying for Ava. Nicole explains that Ava's going down and will take him down with her. Mr. Hutchins says that no one crosses Ava Vitali, which leads Nicole to ask if he's an associate. He denies it just as Melinda walks in.

Horton Square: Ava tells Allie her that Rafe is cheating with her best friend. Ava is put off that Allie supports Rafe. Ava swears on her Charlie's life that she didn't frame Rafe because she JUST found out about Nicole. Allie thinks she swore on Tripp's life and believes her. Ava stops herself from talking and Allie realizes Tripp is going to propose. Ava swears her to secrecy.

University Hospital: Chanel visits Tripp to talk about her quest for a piece of the DiMera pie. Chanel asks Tripp if he will testify for her and he agrees. Tripp tells Chanel that he plans on proposing to Allie.

DiMera mansion: Johnny convinces Gabi to curb her anger towards Jake so they can take him down together. Jake comes in and asks why Gabi lied about visiting Rafe. Johnny steps in and explains about a DiMera business emergency. Jake asks Johnny if he wants the CEO job for himself. After Johnny leaves, Jake asks her what's really going on. 

JoDevil texts Jake's phone as Maggie and Gabi sees it. "Maggie" claims it's urgent and Jake leaves.

The Final Yards:

-Melinda informs Mr. Hutchins that Nicole is not Jennifer and tells her to leave.

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-Chanel joins Allie in the square and they talk about Tripp's impending proposal.

-JoDevil gets mad when he sees Jake and Gabi kiss, so he zaps his eyes with a shock to stop him.

-Ben and Ciara deduce the Devil shifted into Johnny, based on those present at Marlena's exorcism.

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Random Thoughts:

-Nice try Nicole, but it's hard to pull a fast one on Melinda!

-My mind goes forth to the day Ava finds out that Allie cheated. Watch your back gurl!

-The DiMera shares are as confusing as GH's ELQ and B&B's Forrester Creations.

-Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between Johnny and JoDevil.

-Nice move Ava...swearing on Charlie's life while Allie thought you meant Tripp.

-If anyone in Salem knows the Devil's's Julie!

-Happy to see progression in the Devil story. It's about time others figured it out.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!