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Perkie's Observations: Port Charles Learns of Peter's Demise on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 25, 2022
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Dante Falconeri, General Hospital

Dominic Zamprogna

On today's General Hospital recap: Sonny and Nina kiss, but she stops it saying it's a huge mistake. Nina says the kiss is a distraction from Sonny's problem with alcohol and his medications. Nina says he needs to give his body a chance to adjust to the medication, which is why they ended up in bed. Sonny thinks it had nothing to do with it.

Sonny says there's a connection between them. He tells Nina that he fell in love with her in Nixon Falls. Sonny says those feelings don't disappear and they can see what they mean to each other. Nina admits she feels guilty because it was wrong to fall for him.

Sam is thrilled to have Dante back in town and welcomes him home with a kiss. Dante updates her on Peter's death.

Sam interrupts Finn and Liz to ask if they've spoken to Anna, and tells them about Peter's death. Sam says Peter can't hurt their families anymore. Sam says the WSB performed the autopsy and Peter is officially dead. Liz isn't sure how to feel, but hoped she would feel closure. Sam commiserates with Liz and says they'll always be connected because of Danny and Jake, and she'll always have Liz's back.

Finn reassures Liz there will be a path forward from Franco. Liz admits she's kept things from him and tells him about the torn wedding dress. Liz thinks someone is doing these things deliberately. Finn asks about the boys, but Liz says she checked and knows that they aren't lying to her. Liz leaves a voicemail message for Betsy.

Alexis checks in with Harmony, who's worried about telling Willow the truth about her birth.

Shawn stops in to let Alexis know that their circulation has increased and he wants to expand The Invader's reach. Shawn says he'd have to move to San Fransisco to make it work. Alexis is happy for him, though Shawn questions whether there would be a reason for him to stay. Alexis mentions TJ and Molly, but Shawn says they aren't who he's talking about. He says he feels he was getting a do over with her, but Alexis says part of her shut down when Neil died.

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Sam interrupts, so Shawn leaves. She lets Alexis know about Peter's death, then asks about Shawn. Alexis says she's not ready for anything with him. Sam says she would prefer Shawn to be Alexis' go to instead of Harmony. Alexis says Harmony is her friend and thinks she has changed.

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Willow tells Monica she has no birth certificate, almost like she never existed. Harmony drops by and claims she made some calls and will be getting another copy soon. Willow is thrilled and wants them to move forward now.

Harmony finds a forger and asks if he can make her a birth certificate. The forger takes her money and promises to deliver it when he has it ready. Shawn walks in as the forger is leaving.

Dante stops by the mansion to let them know that Peter is dead. Michael, Willow, Monica, and Dante take a drink in honor of Jason.

Drew updates Carly on Peter's death and Maxie's rescue. Carly says she wishes Jason would have been here to see it. Carly says Jason was her hero and wishes he was here for her now. She says Drew has the same touch, though Drew worries about the almost kiss. Drew says it was a good thing they backed off because he values their friendship.

Carly tells Drew about the divorce, then decides she needs to tell Sonny that Peter is dead. She wants him to know that Jason's death has been avenged. Drew offers to tell Sonny in her place.

Dante stops by to tell Sonny about Peter's death. Nina eavesdrops as Dante says he's there for Sonny since Jason's gone. Dante pushes his father, but Sonny says he wants to be left alone. Sonny mentions the divorce and how he got drunk. After Dante leaves, Nina tells Sonny their kiss was a mistake. Nina tells him to have a clear mind when he decides what's next.

Carly and Drew show up while Nina is still there. 

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