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Days of Our Lives Recap: Leo Turns Up as Craig's New Boyfriend

Days of Our Lives Recap for February 28, 2022
Leo Stark, Days of Our Lives

Greg Rikaart

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Craig/Tripp: The duo talk about Tripp proposing to Allie. Craig tells Tripp he's in the process of breaking up with his wife and is nervous about Chloe meeting his boyfriend. Craig chatters on about his marital situation and thanks Tripp for listening to him. Craig encourages him to get back to his proposal plans.

Ben and Ciara: The two unravel clues and that lead them to feel confident about Johnny. Ciara admits it's just a theory and thinks they need more proof. They both agree that if the Devil is in Salem, they need to find out. Ciara worries about their baby and Ben suggests talking to Susan Banks.

Kiriakis mansion: Maggie denies sending Jake a text. Jake's mind is turning over and tells Maggie he has to leave right away.

DiMera mansion: Gabi turns down Johnny's crude proposition to hit the sheets, but he doesn't let up. Gabi tells Johnny she's not ready to go that far...yet.

Jake tells Gabi he thinks Johnny sent him the message. Gabi isn't sure it's true and thinks Jake's lying. She omits Johnny's proposition. Jake tries to get romantic, but Gabi stops him and claims she wants to see what happened to Rafe. Gabi worries when she reads about the first day of the trial. Jake questions their relationship and wonders what's going on. Gabi grabs her stuff and heads out for the Salem PD.

Horton Square: Chanel wants to know if Allie will accept Tripp's proposal. Allie's caught off guard and wonders if she's ready. Chanel tells Allie she has her back no matter what she decides. The two hug and Allie sets out to meet Tripp.

Johnny runs into Chanel and tells her they can still have fun even though they're getting a divorce. Chanel shreds him about being nice to avoid paying money. Johnny offers to talk it out with her without lawyers. Johnny uses his devilish charms and Chanel agrees, but not in the square.

Tripp/Allie: Allie's impressed with the beautiful setting Tripp created. Tripp can't wait until dinner's over to ask Allie. He tells Allie he wants to be a family with her and Henry, and drops down on one knee. Allie tells Tripp she will marry him.

Johnny and Chanel wander into Tripp and Allie's romantic evening. Chanel explains they're going to talk about their divorce. Johnny asks what's going on with Allie and Tripp.

Julie's Place: Chloe admits to Brady that she's nervous about meeting Craig's boyfriend. She's grateful for Brady's help. They reminisce about their romantic history. Craig comes in and Chloe tells him that Brady's staying. Craig waxes poetic about the new man in his life while they wait for him to appear.

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The Final Yards:

-Gabi is thinking about Jake and realizes what she thinks he's doing doesn't make sense.

-Brady spots Leo first before he comes running up to Craig for a Valentine's Day kiss.

-Ben leaves a voicemail for Susan and assures Ciara they will get through whatever they need to.

-Allie tells Johnny and Chanel that she and Tripp are engaged. Johnny wonders if Allie told Tripp that she slept with Chanel before accepting his proposal.

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Random Thoughts:

-Chloe did some smooth product promotion by saying Nancy was streaming old movies on Peacock.

-Ciara is every bit her parents' child sometimes. She wants evidence about Johnny, not speculation.

-I get that Johnny is a horny Devil, but he was a bit cringey with Gabi and Chanel. I felt like I needed a shower.

-Good ending with Leo as the boyfriend, and Johnny telling Tripp about Allie and Chanel.

-Poor Tripp...he just can't win with the ladies.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!