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Perkie's Observations: Liz and Scott Wonder if Betsy is Causing Her Problems on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 28, 2022
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Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly walks in and is not happy to see Nina at Sonny's penthouse. Sonny thanks Nina for being there for him as she heads out. Carly tells Sonny about Peter's death and Drew says he was there when it went down. Sonny thanks them for the information. Carly says she's got more to say, so Drew leaves.

Carly tells Sonny she doesn't want Nina staying at the penthouse when Donna is there since it will be confusing for her. Sonny says he wouldn't hurt either of his girls and he will put them first. She tells him to act in their best interest.

Carly wants to drop Donna off on Saturday and suggests ways to make the transition easier. Sonny thinks they should postpone Donna staying over and admits he's having problems with his medication. Carly remembers a conversation with Nina and asks Sonny if she knew he was off his meds.

Carly says Nina should have told her directly, but Sonny says he didn't want her to know. He didn't want her to take him back out of pity. Carly thinks he can't trust her anymore and leaves. Both of them sign their divorce papers.

Harmony tries to get around Shawn, but he's curious about her spending time with criminals. He says he recognizes the forger she was with. Harmony claims he's just a drinking buddy, but Shawn is concerned about Alexis being dragged into something shady.

TJ meets with Shawn. Shawn tells him that he's moving to San Francisco for a great work opportunity. Shawn tells TJ to keep an eye on Alexis because he's worried about Harmony's influence.

Diane drops in to congratulate Alexis on her new job. Alexis wants to discuss Harmony's case, but talks about hypothetic situations. Diane says Harmony has a long history of manipulation and is worried she'll take advantage of Alexis. Alexis says she's not being manipulated, but Diane pushes since she made friends with Harmony while at Spring Ridge.

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Harmony returns to Alexis and tells her that she couldn't tell Willow the truth. She says she can't lose Willow or Wiley from her life. Alexis asks what Harmony plans on doing about the birth certificate and Harmony admits she's getting another forgery. Alexis says she needs to tell Willow the truth.

Finn checks in on Chase, who admits things aren't good now that the baby is back with Maxie. He tells Finn that Brook Lynn's gone to Bensonhurst to stay with Lois. Finn thinks Chase and Brook Lynn are good together and should lean on each other. Chase says they kissed and she ran. Finn wants to know how Chase really feels about Brook Lynn. Chase says they were friends with a huge secret and nothing happened between them until after Peter's death. Finn asks again about feelings for Brook Lynn, but Chase admits he doesn't know how he feels. Chase says the more he got to know her, he noticed her strength and loyalty. Finn thinks he should go for it when Brook Lynn returns. Chase says he doesn't want to wreck their friendship.

Drew runs into Nina at Charley's and thanks her for not telling Peter the truth about Louise. Drew then chastises Nina for keeping Sonny from his family causing problems within the mob. He says Carly is his friend and he won't let her get hurt. Drew accuses Nina of wanting a free pass, but Nina says she doesn't care what anyone thinks about her.

Liz runs into Scott and asks his opinion on whether her boys resent her dating Finn. Scott thinks Jake might have an issue because he complains to him about a lot of things. Liz tells Scott about the strange things happening to her, including her ring in her locker. Scott says Jake is a teenager with a lot of angst, but doesn't think Jake did it. He asks her to promise to let him know if any other weird things happen.

Liz is surprised to see Betsy's already in town since she just left a voicemail message for her. Betsy says she came to visit Franco's grave since it's been a year since his death. Liz tells her about Peter's death and Betsy is thankful. Liz tells Betsy she's seeing someone else. Betsy already knows and doesn't seem pleased. Scott spots her and basically runs her off.

Liz tells Scott that Betsy's been in town and hasn't told her. She wonders if Betsy is behind all the weird happenings. Scott says she's suspect number 1 and wants to confront Betsy. Liz stops him, but Scotty says Betsy's grip on reality is not good. Liz doesn't believe her mother in law is dangerous.

Liz gets home to find a self portrait hanging on the wall. 

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