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WATCH: Diamond White and Lawrence Saint-Victor Talk Paris and Carter's Romance on The Bold and The Beautiful (VIDEO)

Diamond, White, Lawrence Saint-Victor, The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful's Diamond White (Paris) and Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter) appeared on Bold Live last week. They chatted about their characters' growing connection with B&B supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk.

Unlike a lot of the other young people on B&B, Paris wasn't so eager to say "I do" right away. Carter tipped off Paris to the fact that Zende (Delon de Metz) was going to ask her to marry him, so she was able to avoid him eve asking the question. White mused:

I mean, Paris is young, so why would she want to get married, you know? But I think in that moment, I was super thankful to Carter for saying, 'Hey, he’s going to propose to you, saw the ring; he’s doing it,' and what's actually super-surprising about that, though, is that Rena [Sofer], her character's name is Quinn, she made the ring and we already know she don’t like me, so I don’t know why she did that. But I feel like that’s the most surprising part about that.

White also delved into Paris' mom Grace (Cassandra Creech), who is lobbying for her daughter to be with Zende over Carter. She said

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She does a great job at playing Grace and ugh, I would be scared to be her daughter in real life.

Is Saint-Victor Team Paris or Team Quinn when it comes to Carter's love interests? He said:

My answer is Paris. I mean, at this point, she’s the only woman in Carter’s life who has chosen him over a Forrester—at this point. 

Watch the full interview below.