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Days of Our Lives Recap: Johnny Tries to Fight Back Against The Demon Inside Him

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 1, 2022
Johnny DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Carson Boatman

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Grant's: Lani surprises Eli with a Valentine's Day dinner. Eli tells Lani he went to see TR to put him on notice. Eli steers the conversation back to their celebration.

A park: Tripp doesn't believe Johnny's accusation. Chanel denies Johnny's claims, but Johnny says he overheard them in the square talking about having sex. Johnny leaves and Tripp tells Chanel to leave him alone with Allie.

Allie admits Johnny wasn't lying. Allie says she went to the hospital to confess, but couldn't do it. Tripp gets angry at her and himself. He says he was warned by Ava that Allie's BFF could lead to trouble. Tripp doesn't believe anything she says because she would have perpetuated the lie as long as she could have.

Julie's Place: Leo pops in with big kisses for Craig. Brady warns Craig that Leo is a scammer and he's his latest mark. Leo tells them they're wrong about him and is not like that anymore. Leo explains how he was depressed and working low level jobs after the peacock caper. He met Craig when he was dressed as a chipmunk handing out nuts at a convention center. He claims he wasn't happy until he met Craig.

Brady isn't convinced and Chloe doesn't want her father to get hurt and tells him he needs to end this relationship. Craig admits he's upset by the news, but says he's done some shifty things in the past. Craig stands by Leo, much to Chloe and Brady's chagrin.

Salem Inn: Paulina stops by TR's room with the flowers he sent her and smashes them on the floor. She wants him to leave town, but he refuses because of the film and Lani. TR thinks if Lani can forgive her for Price Town, maybe she can learn to forgive him.

TR says he was on a downward spiral of drugs and alcohol, and finally landed in prison. He hit rock bottom and it changed him. TR tells her he did the long hard road to recovery and wants to make things right. Paulina tells TR true forgiveness takes time and work. TR has no trouble doing that and says he never got over her.

Horton Square: Chanel blames Johnny's public blindside breakup. She claims that Allie comforted her and it just got out of hand. Johnny says he has to do something to protect Tripp. Chanel gets angry and threatens to take him for everything he has and will wish he was never born. Johnny says he will be happy to tell the story of her adulterous behavior.

DiMera mansion: JoDevil talks about how much fun he had. Suddenly, Johnny tries to fight back. He wants the Devil to stop hurting the people he loves, including Chanel. When the Devil retorts, Johnny starts fighting him.

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The Final Yards:

-Chloe declares she's done and takes her leave with Brady.

-Chanel shows up at the Grant's, and tells Lani and Eli what happened with Allie and Johnny.

-Johnny claims he'll never give up fighting for his spirit, but leaves his body when the Devil threatens to slaughter his cousins.

-Tripp leaves Allie after she returns the ring.

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Random Thoughts:

-Is this the longest Valentine's Day EVER?

-Leo handing out nuts dressed like a chipmunk! I howled!

-Craig should be very wary of you think he's really changed or is it too soon to tell?

-Paulina's got some decisions to make! Should she trust TR?

-Finally...big progress with Johnny fighting back. It makes a huge difference hearing the other side. I've been thinking that Johnny and the JoDevil weren't that far apart in the personality department for a while.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!