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Perkie's Observations: Nina Puts Willow on Blast to Stay in Wiley's Life on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 1, 2022
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Nina Reeves, General Hospital

Cynthia Watros

On today's General Hospital recap: Finn tells Chase about the strange things happening to Liz and its significance to Franco. Chase wants to investigate, but Finn's not sure Liz wants anyone else to know. He reminds his brother he's still on suspension.

Liz is startled by Cameron, and both are confused by the portrait since they thought it was destroyed in the fire. Liz says whoever put it there was in their house. Liz calls Finn to let him know that someone broke into the house.

Dante investigates and says there was no forced break in and believes the arsonist who set fire to Franco's studio is the same person who broke in and left the painting. Liz blames Betsy and thinks her dating Finn pushed Betsy over the edge.

Liz gives Dante the card from Betsy and he promises to look into her whereabouts for the past few months. (Here's a crazy thought, maybe take the painting and dust it for fingerprints.) Finn offers to stay with Liz for a few days to give her peace of mind.

Drew tells Sam that he's thinking about his future and wants to take an active role at Aurora, though he doesn't want to step on Michael's toes. Sam reminds him that he still owns the company and can make any changes he wants.

Carly tells Olivia she filed her divorce papers and feels like a failure. She feels she made the right decision, but is disappointed that it has come to this.

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Sam and Olivia drag Carly to an axe throwing bar to get out her aggressions. Carly admits she can't get past what Sonny did and won't until Nina pays. Olivia tells her not to focus on revenge.

Michael tells Willow about his parents' divorce and she feels they need to discuss Nina. Willow complains that Nina played her by asking about seeing Wiley without admitting to sleeping with Sonny. She doesn't want Nina in Wiley's life. Michael tells her not to let emotions drive their decision since they want what's best for Wiley. The two discuss how terribly they treated Brook Lynn and Chase when all they were doing was protecting Bailey.

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Nina and Curtis make small talk about Sonny and Marshall. He says he wants to know more about his father's life now that Portia will be living with him. Curtis says Drew will be helping him find out more about Marshall's past, which does not sit well with Stella. Stella accuses Curtis of snooping around, but he says he has to protect Portia and Trina, and he needs answers. Stella tells him to talk to his father, but Curtis says he's tried repeatedly. Stella says someone will get hurt if he keeps poking in his father's past. She tells him to give the relationship time to work.

Drew meets with Marshall, who admits he's done his homework and knows Drew's past. Drew talks about music and how he needs a consultant with experience. Marshall says he made his living playing music, but occasionally had take jobs to pay the bills. Marshall figures out that Curtis asked Drew to get information. Marshall says he's not a charity case and isn't interested in what Drew's offering. Drew claims he's just looking for a musician and thought he would help out. When Drew mentions the paperwork with Marshall's past work history, Marshall turns him down.

Michael stops over to see Chase. He apologizes for being a giant douche about Bailey. Chase is seriously pissed with how Michael and Willow treated him and accuses Michael of only being there to absolve his own guilt. He calls Michael selfish and self-righteous. (I LOVE YOU CHASE!!) Michael apologizes again. Chase backs down and says he understands why Willow lied. (No Chase, keep telling Michael to eff himself. What's wrong with you?)

Nina runs into Willow and asks about a visit with Wiley, which pisses off Willow. Willow accuses Nina of going after Sonny and refuses to advocate for her. Nina says what happened between her and Sonny is no one else's business. Willow says she feels played and won't let Nina throw her under the bus anymore. Nina says Wiley is her family, but Willow says blood doesn't always make a family. Nina begs Willow not to keep her from her grandchild. Willow says things need to settle down first. Nina says she has rights as maternal grandmother and warns Willow that she will fight for her rights. (Cynthia rocked the line read on that. Gave me goosebumps and made me realize we haven't seen full on wackadoo Nina since Michelle was playing her.)

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