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Days of Our Lives Recap: Chad and Tony Find Abigail and Sarah on The DiMera Island

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 2, 2022
Chad DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Billy Flynn

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

A park: Kate stumbles upon Allie, who tells her what happened with Johnny, Chanel, and Tripp. Allie insists she loves Tripp and isn't confused about her sexuality. Kate doesn't understand Johnny's behavior and Allie tells her she's done with him. She advises Allie to give Tripp time to process what happened and invites her to the pub.

Brady Pub: Tripp comes in and tells Roman his proposal was a disaster. Tripp fills Roman in on all the deets. Roman is supportive, but wonders why Tripp gave up so easily when Allie's been through so much in the last few months. The two commiserate about their respective relationships with Marlena, John, Allie, and Chanel.

Kate and Allie (unintentionally funny) walk into the pub as Roman wonders if Tripp can get past it. Tripp stands up to leave, but Kate stops him and speaks on Allie's behalf. Allie asks Roman and Kate to give Tripp some space and the two talk privately. Allie professes her love for Tripp and how she never feels like she's good enough. Tripp wants to believe her, but isn't sure he can trust her. Tripp leaves and Allie falls apart. She decides to go home to Henry.

A plane: Tony and Chad are on the way to the island, thanks to intel from Ned. Tony talks to Chad about his relationship with Renée and admits that Anna is the love of his life.

DiMera island: Abigail is pounding on the door for Kristen. She's locked in room when Sarah walks in. Abigail's excited, but Sarah's not, she just wants her room back. Abigail explains that Sarah is reading Renée's life story, not her own. Abigail tells Sarah about the mind-altering drug, what happened with Gwen, and then with Sarah and Kristen.

Sarah processes the information, but "Renée" only reacts to Abigail telling her she's married to Chad DiMera. "Renée" is very excited they are practically sisters. "Renée" doesn't want to talk about the Hortons, only Tony.

Steve and Kayla are tied up and gagged. They demand to see Abigail, but Kristen serves them a Valentine's Day/Anniversary dinner. They realize Kristen locked them in the room. They decide they should eat something and hope the food isn't poisoned as Kristen claims. Steve and Kayla find a little time for romance.

Tony and Chad arrive in the living room and agree to split up. They want to check each room in the hopes of finding Abigail. Kristen wanders into the empty room, wondering why she heard the front door.

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The Final Yards:

-Chad walks into Abigail and Sarah's room, and the two embrace. Chad is confused by Sarah's behavior especially when "Renée" jumps into Tony's arms.

-Allie finds a note from Nicole that she's got Henry under control so she and Tripp can have a special Valentine's celebration.

-Steve and Kayla reminisce about their latest wedding when Kristen returns. She tells them she did lie about the food.

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Random Thoughts:

-I need a break from Kristen. She's too much.

-Sarah doesn't seem to believe a word coming from Abigail's mouth, but her stint as Renée should be fun to unfold...especially with Tony and Anna.

-They seem to be playing characters a smarter, which is always good. Chad and Tony using Ned to get to the island was a good step.

-Tripp is a sucker for pain. He's more likely to forgive Allie, but Ava definitely won't.

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