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Perkie's Observations: Anna and Jordan Team Up With Laura Against Victor on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 2, 2022
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Anna Devane, General Hospital

Finola Hughes

On today's General Hospital recap: Jake gets home and is surprised to see the painting on the wall since he thought it was destroyed in the fire. Finn questions him if he saw anything or anyone around the house because someone broke in. Jake has no idea about any shenanigans. Liz wonders why Finn pushed so hard with Jake because she doesn't believe her boys would do this to her. Finn promises they'll figure out who is doing it and put a stop to it.

Cameron tells Jake that Peter is dead. Jake's fine with it since Peter hurt them so badly. The two share a hug. Jake says he's happy the painting was saved since it's something to remember Franco by. Finn overhears as Jake says he worries that Franco is being forgotten. Finn apologizes to Jake for questioning him when he got home. He says he's worried about Liz, but Jake says he and Cameron can take care of their mother. Liz says Franco would want them to enjoy being kids. Finn swears he's not trying to replace Franco, but hopes they can forge a different bond.

Portia runs into Drew, and the two discuss Curtis and Drew's friendship with him. Portia mentions how Marshall's appearance has messed with Curtis. Drew promises to keep an eye out for Curtis, which Portia is thankful for. Drew mentions that he's happy that Curtis and Portia are moving in together, and offers to send her a link to a property that he turned down.

Marshall questions Curtis about Drew's job offer and says he turned it down because of the background check. Marshall admits that Drew will find out that he has a criminal history. Marshall says his record was sealed but it can resurface. He says he was locked up forty years ago for a non-violent crime, which preceded having to go underground. Curtis asks for more information, but Marshall says it's not safe to give that yet. Curtis says he's worried about Portia and Trina, and tells his father that they're moving in together. Marshall promises that nothing from his past will hurt any of them.

Anna tells Mac that Agent Kreeger died conveniently before he could be questioned. Anna says there was a number on his burner phone that was local to Port Charles. Laura thinks it's Victor's.

Mac wants to get to the station, but Felicia warns that he's only heading home once he's discharged. Laura says she'll find someone to take over temporarily, but all of them are thrilled when Jordan walks in and announces she's back. Laura questions whether Jordan is ready to come back to work and Jordan promises she is. Laura reinstates her as police commissioner. Laura says Victor wanted something from Peter in relation to Drew's conditioning, and wonders if he got what he wanted. The three make plans to work together.

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Austin questions Maxie on whether there is forgiveness in her heart for him. He says he never meant to endanger the baby. Austin apologizes, saying he had no idea Victor was working with Peter. Maxie reminds him that she asked him multiple times to stay out of Brook Lynn's business.

Austin tells Maxie about Liesl planting a bug on Victor, but the only thing they heard was the conversation between Victor and Drew. Austin admits he was afraid they wouldn't find her. Maxie says she was worried about not seeing her loved ones again and knows it wasn't Austin's fault.

Portia finds Curtis and shows him the link for the house Drew told her about. Both think it's a great property, as Jordan arrives and overhears.

Marshall finds Drew and accepts the job. Drew says he'll get the paperwork for the background check and Marshall claims he has nothing to hide.

Dante tells Sam about Liz's possible stalker and how shaken up she is. Dante thinks Franco could have someone in his past who would come at Liz and wants to dig deeper. Sam says Franco and Liz were devoted to each other and their family. He tells Sam that Liz thinks Betsy is responsible. Dante doesn't think it's Betsy, but says he'll look into whether she was really visiting Franco at the cemetery. Sam reaches out to Spinelli who sends them camera footage of the entrance to the cemetery. It turns out Betsy never went in, she just left, which means she lied about her whereabouts. Spinelli also tells Sam that Betsy was arrested by the New York State Police last November for a driving infraction.

Dante makes a call and finds out that Betsy was stopped for driving erratically, then assaulted the state trooper. He says she was put on a 72-hour psych hold, meaning Betsy is a danger to herself and others.

Betsy shows up at Liz's door and admits she lied. She thinks Liz deserves the truth.

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