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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Deacon Stakes His Claim For Brooke's Heart

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for March 2, 2022
Deacon Sharpe, The Bold and the Beautiful

Sean Kanan

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Taylor's office: Brooke questions why Taylor was biding her time under the guise of putting aside their rivalry. Taylor thinks that's a convenient way to shift the blame, but Brooke warns her to stay away from her marriage.

Taylor denies taking any pleasure in Brooke's pain and says she never stopped loving Ridge. Brooke doesn't believe Taylor's stance. She accepts full responsibility for what happened on New Year's Eve, but expected Ridge to work it out with her, not Taylor. Brooke warns Taylor to enjoy the time she has because Ridge always comes back to her.

Forrester Creations: Deacon tells Ridge he doesn't need to boomerang back to Taylor. He urges Ridge to fix things with Brooke and not leave her hanging. Ridge claims after everything Deacon's done, she sided with him and he can't forgive that. Ridge thanks Deacon for stopping by as he reminded Ridge he needs someone in his life he can trust, and that's not Brooke. Deacon says maybe it's too late for him and Brooke, and then leaves.

The Back Shack: Liam tries to be supportive of Hope's desires for peace, but thinks Deacon and Ridge won't see eye to eye. Hope is upset that they're in the same place with Taylor again. 

Malibu: Finn and Steffy are getting randy and start making out. Steffy puts him off because Taylor can come home at any moment, so they decide to talk about Steffy's favorite family moments.

Taylor returns and tells Steffy that Brooke stopped by to see her. Steffy reminds Taylor that everything that happened was Brooke's fault, not Taylor's. 

Hope/Ridge: Hope tells Ridge to fight for his marriage if he loves Brooke. She apologizes for her part in pushing Deacon to a point where it strained his marriage. She wants Ridge to give himself the opportunity to hear Brooke out.

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Brooke's: Deacon walks in and says he's sorry to hear about Ridge. He doesn't think Brooke deserves Ridge's disrespect since he bounces back and forth between her and Taylor. Deacon tells her she deserves unconditional love and he can give it to her.

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Random Thoughts:

-Finn's back. Did you miss him?

-Brooke and Taylor played some hardball today!

-I was half expecting Ridge to punch Deacon again.

-That shady Deacon got his dig in before leaving the office.

-Doesn't Taylor know that Steffy slept with Bill too?

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Watch the video below and check back for the latest The Bold and the Beautiful recap.