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Days of Our Lives Recap: Kristen Gives Her Captives the Slip

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 3, 2022
Kristen DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Stacy Haiduk

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Salem Inn: Gwen and Xander are wrapping up another bed session. Gwen interrupts to talk to him about something serious...their wedding. He wants Jack as his best mate and suggests she ask Ava to be her maid of honor.

Ava shows up after Xander leaves. She tells Gwen that Chad and Tony are looking for Abigail and Sarah, which could spell trouble for them. Gwen doesn't find her doomsaying helpful. Ava isn't confident that Kristen wouldn't sell them out to save her own neck. 

Gwen tries to tell Ava that revenge against Rafe and Nicole won't make her feel better. Ava says she tried other legit ways, but it didn't get her anywhere. She leaves.

Horton's: Jack tells Jennifer that Chad found Abigail. Anna comes over to get news about Tony and they fill her in. When Anna finds out the specific DiMera island Chad and Tony are on, she recalls her problems with Tony and Renée.

Anna asks about Gwen and she gets a chuckle about her engagement. She wonders who would have the patience and fortitude to put up with a vindictive liar. Enter Xander, who defends Gwen. Anna's not so sure she's changed and warns Xander to be careful. Xander holds out hope that Anna will come around to Gwen.

Xander asks Jack to be his best mate and he accepts. After he leaves, Jack surprises Jennifer with a rose to celebrate Valentine's Day.

DiMera island: Tony doesn't understand why Sarah is calling him her love. Tony tells "Renée" he's a happily married man. "Renée" keeps talking and Tony realizes who Sarah thinks she is, just as Abigail tells him. Tony and "Renée" leave and Abigail tells Chad what happened to Sarah. Chad explains how Ned helped them and Abigail says Ava was wearing the Sarah mask, not Gwen. She adds that they need to find Steve and Kayla.

Kristen says she drugged the island chicken and they will all go home with amnesia. Steve ties Kristen up and says they have to find everyone to tell them about the drug.

Tony and "Renée" sit at the dining table waiting for Chad and Abigail. When they appear, "Renée" insists they eat before searching for Steve and Kayla. Just then, the two burst into the dining room, hoping they're not too late.

The Final Yards:

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-"Renée" says she changed the liquid in Kristen's drug vial to milk so they aren't in any danger.

-Chad promises Abigail that Ava and her accomplice will go down when they return to Salem.

-Xander returns to the room and tells Gwen that Abigail was found and is coming home.

-"Renée" tells Tony their first stop will be divorce court so he can end his marriage to that hideous Anna.

-Steve and Kayla return to Kristen only to find that she's gone.

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Random Thoughts:

-Xander in his boxer briefs...oh and his comment about his cousin marrying a serial killer in a church was funny.

-Is it possible that Xander and Gwen are hotter than Xander and Sarah?

-Anna still has Gwen's number and can tell she hasn't changed.

-I'm unclear as to why Chad, Abigail, and Tony didn't leave "Renée" at the table to look for Steve and Kayla.

-Super spy Steve couldn't tie down Kristen in a more secure manner?

-Do you really believe the drug hasn't affected someone in the group?

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!