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Perkie's Observations: Britt Warns Nina Against Taking Legal Action For Wiley on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 3, 2022
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Britt Westbourne, General Hospital

Kelly Thiebaud

On today's General Hospital recap: Betsy says Liz deserves to know the truth, then reacts to the painting on the wall. She says she's there to tell them what she did, just as Dante and Sam arrive. Dante brings up the odd things happening and asks for Betsy's input. She denies knowing anything about them, so Dante brings up her hospital stay.

Betsy gets a little bit rattled, so then Dante questions her about going to Franco's grave. Betsy admits she couldn't face his death and blames herself for failing him. Betsy swears she didn't do anything to Liz. She says she's been under surveillance at the clinic and was just released before coming to Port Charles. 

Curtis and Portia are surprised but happy to see Jordan. Things get a little awkward when Jordan mentions overhearing them discuss their house hunting. Jordan asks what's been happening while she was out of town. Curtis updates Jordan on all things Port Charles. After Jordan leaves, Portia wonders if she still has feelings for Curtis. Curtis says he's moved on and is ready to move in with Portia.

Nina seeks out Britt to complain about Carly and doesn't understand why Britt doesn't commiserate. Britt says she has Nina's back, but is calling her out. Nina says she's sorry she hurt Carly, but is upset she's being shut out of Wiley's life.

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Nina says there is no choice but to take legal action, but Britt warns her not to take on Michael and Willow. Nina says Carly is retaliating. Britt points out that Nina sees herself as a victim and she's starting a war. Britt tells her that she could lose more than she would gain in a battle.

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Liesl summons Anna to the axe bar to complain that she hasn't heard from her since she's been back. Liesl says she thought their mutual hatred of Peter brought them closer together and wants peace between them. Anna reminds Liesl that their past has not been peaceful, but Liesl wants a new beginning. Anna says she can't forgive Liesl for what she put Robin through, but Liesl blames those sins on Faison. Anna says they can't be friends, but can put their past behind them. The two agree not to kill each other in the future.

Austin asks Maxie what she'll focus on now that Bailey is back, so Maxie kisses him. Austin is surprised, but admits he's wanted to kiss her for a while. Maxie thinks he didn't make a move sooner because he's having second thoughts. Austin says he's respecting Maxie's boundaries, but she says she's ready to make up for lost time.
Maxie thinks Austin is scared and wants to know if what they felt during the crisis is what they really feel. Austin says she likes this new Maxie.

Cameron runs into Stella and is happy to see that she's feeling better. He apologizes about the envelope that was thrown out. Stella vaguely remembers it, but doesn't remember what was in it and tells Cameron not to worry about it.

Dante checks Betsy's alibi and finds it to be true. Liz apologizes for blaming Betsy. After Betsy leaves, Liz finds a sketch of Franco that Jake drew.

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