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WATCH: Days of Our Lives' Zach Tinker Gets Grilled by Co-Star Billy Flynn (VIDEO)

Zach Tinker, Billy Flynn, Days of Our Lives

Zach Tinker, Billy Flynn

Days of Our LivesZach Tinker (Sonny) and Billy Flynn (Chad) play old friends on screen. They brought a bit of their chemistry to a cute interview done for the DAYS YouTube channel, entitled "Hot and Sonny."

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Flynn asked Tinker for his thoughts on Sonny. Tinker shared:

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I think Sonny is very multi-faceted. I think he’s a very emotional guy. I think he always tries to do the right thing; I think he’s prone to jealousy, but I think he’s a good dude. And I like playing characters who are good dudes. I also like playing characters who are not good dudes, but it’s really fun to play somebody to embody someone who you’re like, 'Oh wow! I feel like a decent human being should be talking to you.’

Flynn revealed that Tinker's historic connection to NBC; his grandfather, Grant Tinker, served as NBC's chairman and chief executive from 1981 to 1986. Flynn jokingly implied that gave Tinker a leg up in his casting, which led Tinker to quip:

No, they did not give me the job, no. They did not. But it's cool; it's very cool. A lot of people in my family are in production and I was the only one who was like, 'Why don't we try to be in front of the camera?' 

Watch the full interview below.