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Days of Our Lives Recap: Anna and "Renée" Collide Over Tony

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 4, 2022
Anna DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Leann Hunley

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

University Hospital: Sarah is in the hospital awaiting tests. Kayla tells her she's not Renée, but Sarah. She is confident that Sarah can be treated and Sarah agrees to it. When Kayla returns her room, she finds Sarah gone. Steve knows exactly where she went.

DiMera mansion: Tony returns. He says Kristen got away, but everyone else is home. Tony tells Anna that Sarah thinks she's Renée. When Tony kisses Anna, "Renée" walks in and tells her to get her hands off her Tony.

"Renée" tells Tony not to call Kayla. She then calls Anna a tramp and tells her to leave her family home. Anna sympathizes with Sarah's plight, but "Renée" keeps calling her names and needling her. Anna's sympathy quickly evaporates. Tony tells "Renée" she needs to act civilized.

Steve and Kayla arrive to collect Sarah. They explain to Anna and Tony they can't force Sarah into treatment. Kayla advises them to keep "Renée" safe, and she and Steve leave.

Tony agrees to let "Renée" stay, but tells her Anna's not going anywhere. Anna's upset that Tony is treating "Renée" with kindness, but Tony says he has to because of Sarah's mental illness. This approach doesn't sit well with Anna.

Salem Inn: Gwen has a nightmare that Abigail comes to the room and tells Xander everything about her involvement in her kidnapping. She tells Xander she had a dream about Dr. Snyder. Xander asks if she's nervous about Abigail coming home.

Ava calls Gwen and tells her to get to the police station right away. Ava explains why she's there. Gwen lies to Xander and says she's going to see the wedding planner.

Salem PD: Ava is in the interrogation room when Chad comes in. He asks what she had to do with Abigail's kidnapping. He accuses Ava of impersonating Sarah and wants to know who was helping her. Ava feigns cluelessness and says she can't help him. Chad wonders why she'd go down for someone else's crime and says she can contact him when she changes her mind.

Horton's: Abigail arrives safely and tells her folks that Chad is confronting her kidnapper. Abigail explains everything to Jack and Jennifer, including Sarah's kidnapping and mental health issues.

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Chad comes in and Jack greets him. He tells Chad that Xander is going to marry Gwen. Jack calls Xander and tells him that Sarah was on the island with Abigail and she didn't leave Salem voluntarily. He explains Kristen and Ava's roles. Xander hangs up the call and heads out to the hospital.

The Final Yards:

-Ava tells Gwen she can't guarantee she'll be silent about her partner if she's faced with prison time.

-"Renée" wanders into Horton Square and sees the dedication plaque to Tom and Alice. She tells "them" she's going to take her life back.

-Just then, Xander comes out of the Salem Inn and comes face to face with Sarah.

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Random Thoughts:

-Anna and "Renée" for the win today. Tony's got his hands full for sure. The chaos raining down on the DiMera mansion should be fun to watch, if nothing else.

-Ava and Gwen are in hot water, but they usually have no trouble circumventing it.

-Don Craig went to mail a letter one day and was never heard from again? Too funny.

-The explaining of Kristen, Ava, and the rotating masks doesn't get any less ridiculous the more you hear it.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!