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Perkie's Observations: Esme Reveals The Sex Tape During Class on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 4, 2022
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Esme Prince, General Hospital

Avery Pohl

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly tells Sam how she's sad because it's the anniversary of Courtney's death. (This is immediately followed by a shot of Courtney's gravestone which has her day of death as Feb 20, 2006. So the show is 2 weeks behind real time? Also, Courtney died in childbirth so that would make Spencer 16. Did someone forget to change the year of death to 2004 to match the SORASing of Spencer??) Carly asks about Drew, but Sam says they're over and co-parenting. Carly admits that Drew has been helping her through the issues with Sonny.

Sonny heads to Courtney's grave as does Nikolas, who's not happy to see him. Nikolas says Courtney will always be the mother of his son. Sonny and Nikolas argue about how Spencer is being raised.

Laura confronts Victor as he chats with Ava. Victor denies working with Peter and storms off. Ava believes Victor helped Peter escape and says she doesn't trust Victor anymore than Laura does. Laura confides in Ava that Victor is planning something big and Spencer is falling for Victor's charm, as is Nikolas. Laura warns Ava that Victor will want to play nice with her, but tells her to let him confide in her.

Nikolas joins Ava and asks what she and Laura were discussing. Ava claims she's just making an effort with Victor and thinks they should invite him to dinner.

Sasha and Brando spend the day making out in bed. Later, Sasha pops a pill then tells Brando they should get married today. (Poor Sasha and Brando, no real storyline of their own, just shoe horned into various episodes.)

Esme drops by to see Spencer, who's in a bad mood. Spencer's upset because it's the anniversary of Courtney's death. (Which would also be Spencer's birthday since she died in childbirth.) He says he's put flowers on her grave every year, but he can't this year because of his choices. Spencer says Trina understands loss when she thought Taggert was dead. This angers Esme, who reminds Spencer that she's lost her parents.

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Victor stops by, so Esme leaves. Spencer tells Victor about leaving the flowers on Courtney's grave and asks Victor to bust him out so he can do it. Victor refuses, but Spencer lays it on thick and is allowed out.

Anna tells Drew that she's worried about him because of Victor and tells him about Victor's bug. Drew asks if Valentin knows anything, but Anna says he's recovering at a clinic out of town. Drew wonders why Victor would want to reactivate him, but Anna thinks Drew knows something. Anna says Andre told her that Drew's old memories are gone.

Laura and Sam join them and explain her suspicions about Victor's shenanigans, including Luke's death. Anna says they don't have proof and they need to go to Austria. Sam believes there is another way to find out what Victor wants. Sam says they should set a trap and make Victor believe he can access Drew's memories.

Trina's professor is concerned by her lack of concentration in class. Josslyn tells Cameron that Trina's been avoiding her since the argument at Kelly's. Josslyn questions Trina, who accuses Josslyn of putting her in the middle. Josslyn however, blames Esme. Josslyn won't apologize for what went down. Cameron tries to break up the argument, but Trina shuts him down. Josslyn says she was defending her friends and blames Esme again. Trina says Josslyn never takes responsibility and never thinks about what Trina is going through.

Spencer heads to the cemetery to lay flowers on Courtney's grave and Trina runs into him. She questions how he's out of Spring Ridge. (My question is why is Trina hanging out in cemeteries?)

Josslyn tells Cameron she should leave class to go and find Trina so she can apologize.

Esme uploads the sex video onto the whiteboard in class for everyone to see. Josslyn and Cameron stare dumbfounded at the video. (So Trina will have an alibi because she was with Spencer at the cemetery, which will cause Esme's head to explode.)

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